Software Virtualization: An Important Guide For 2021


Want to gain some knowledge regarding Software virtualization in cloud computing? Then you are in the perfect place. Firstly, you should know Software Virtualization. It is a process to operate the software from any server at any time you want. It helps to operate in a different work atmosphere.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Software Virtualization in Cloud Computing
  2. The concept behind It
  3. Benefits of Software Virtualization
  4. How Software Virtualization works into Cloud Computing
  5. Types of Software Virtualization
  6. Software and Hardware Virtualization

1. What is Software Virtualization in Cloud Computing

So here the main question which arises in the mind of readers is “What is Software Virtualization”. It is a technique that permits one computer server to work in more than one virtual atmosphere. The function of software virtualization is to create virtual software and make the work easier. It creates a simple virtual system on which you can work in the same manner. 

2. The concept behind It

Ever wondered whether you can use more than one operating system on one computer? Yes correct guess, that’s where software virtualization comes into play. It would create a virtual environment and would permit you to use more than one operating system in one computer. Let’s take one example, suppose you want to use Windows and on the same hand Linux also. But as you know you can only use one Operating system at one time. But it helps to use Windows and Linux both at one go. How did this happen? This is because it creates a virtual environment to use more than one operating system.

3. Benefits of Software Virtualization

Why software virtualization is needed should be explained its benefits.

1. Time-Saving: Software Virtualization helps to accomplish the task in an efficient manner and in turn, saves the time of user. So, in this fast pace environment, virtualization is a key to success and efficiency.

2. Quick changes: The user of the software is able to make a quick change in it at his convenience. As per the demand of the user, the software can be modified in the best manner.

3. High Security: The software can be protected from any kind of viruses. As the firewall prevents the viruses to enter, the data in it remains highly secure and free from any danger.

4. Effective Utilisation: Due to Software virtualization the available resources are utilised in the best possible manner by creating the virtual environment for using more than one operating system in one computer.

5. Less Errors: The softwares available for it are upgrading day by day to be up to date. Due to this, the chances of error and problems in the system are least.

4. How Software Virtualization works into cloud computing

Coming to the question of how software virtualization in cloud computing works, we should state that It all starts with your desire to use multiple applications and users by using only a single server by creating a virtual environment. It creates a virtual environment on a host machine. 

So discussing the topic of how software Virtualization works in cloud computing the main thing is to be laid in mind that we are creating a virtual environment where we want to use more than one operating system. This is a complex process and requires a lot of attention from the administrator. If you have observed that many a time the software providers face a problem where they can’t make their application to be installed in all devices because of different compatibility of the device.

So, to resolve this problem the concept of software virtualization came into play. Because of this technique, the software developed by developers form their own virtual environment with its own compatible operating system and run on it. So due to this, the software can be installed on different devices without having to install a different operating system on it because software forms its own. This made the work very easy during this tech-driven world. To perform this kind of software virtualization, different softwares are available in the market. If you want to move from one software to another one then this provides a very easy way to migrate and reduce the complexity of the process.

5. Types of Software Virtualization

The different types of software Virtualization are:

Now discussing each one of them in detail:

1) OS virtualization: Here, more than one operating system works independently to accomplish the task without disturbing each other. The respective operating system performs its respective work.

2) Application Virtualization: Application virtualization is a virtualization technique where users can have remote access to the application from the main server. This helps multiple applications run at the same time by creating a virtual environment.

3) Service Virtualization: It can say that service virtualization is a technique to simulate the behavior of some components in a mixture of component-based applications.

6. Software and Hardware Virtualization

When we come across these both terms, the first thing that strikes into our mind is what is the difference between hardware and software virtualization:

Hardware Virtualization v/s Software Virtualization:

Hardware Virtualization is a technique by which the computer resources are extracted and used by making a virtual space. Here, the physical resources are extracted to increase the speed of operation thereby increasing efficiency without increasing much costs relating to it. To use different types of operating systems, one has to finish the hardware virtualization.

Software Virtualization’s work starts as soon as the work of hardware virtualization finishes. As we have already discussed, this virtualization helps you to install one or more operating on one computer. So, you can complete your task with different requirements in an efficient way.


In concluding this amazing discussion, I will say that Software Virtualization has become an integral part of the IT sector which drives the country. So, this is it about our most interesting topic useful in today’s life.

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