Top Cloud Service Providers: Best in the Game in 2020


Stepping into the world of Cloud computing, we need to start knowing first about what is cloud computing. It is basically a web computing service which helps storage of data on a particular server and allows businesses & individuals to enjoy resources with pay on the go service. It is actually similar to getting an electricity connection or water supply where the
meter is installed to keep a track of monthly usage and pay according to rate. 

  1. What is a cloud service provider?
  2. Which cloud service is best?

1. What is a cloud service provider?

Be it infrastructure, software, applications, etc. everything is on cloud and there is a million-dollar investment involved in cloud movement to get the most of it. Cloud computing is something which has boomed in the past few years transitioning business to various cloud services. There are many cloud providers among which the best cloud hosting providers serving with best features and services. 

We also need to understand what is a cloud provider? It is actually hosted in the data center that can be later accessed by companies and users. 

Let’s dive into the top cloud service providers

Cloud computing companies provide services which range from application development to server and storage devices, etc. We are here to discuss and have a look at some of the best cloud service providers which are quite popular and best cloud services who offer the best of their pricing, services and features. So, let’s have a deeper look at the various cloud servers provider and how to chose them.  

The cloud computing providers are quite popular and known for their service provided to clients. They are also the best infrastructure as a service provider.     

1. One of the largest is the amazon web services who are leading cloud solution providers. It is prioritized in cloud services providers list and is one of the top cloud providers in the world offering fully-featured services from data centers globally. The services provided by Amazon Web is widely used by millions of customers across the world. 

AWS provides various services related to a private cloud, data transfer, storage service, management service, cloud watch, email service, etc. 

  • Security

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority when it comes to AWS which makes it one of the biggest cloud service providers offering wide security services to customers including all kinds of security along with testing services. It leads to one of the best private cloud provider worldwide. 

  • Compliance: It provides forty compliance certifications worldwide which include CSA, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, etc.

Looking at these there is a valid reason it becomes the major cloud service providers and one of the leading cloud providers worldwide. 

2. MS Azure, It is one of the fastest-growing and largest cloud providers among all with the best cloud servers across. This comes next in the list of cloud providers. It was actually launched by Microsoft years after AWS and google cloud came in the picture, however, was quite successful in winning hearts to become one of the top cloud service providers. It is given the title tag of the intelligent cloud which offers various products and services of the cloud. It also ranks in top cloud computing providers. 

  • Security and Compliance

It offers the most advanced security products and services which include Azure active directory, domain services, security centre, VPN, DDoS protection, Key vault, etc. Azure also offers ninety compliance certifications which make it the most secured and compliant service providers across. 

3. Created by IBM, IBM Cloud is a bunch of distributed computing administrations for organizations. It is also one of the cloud-based service providers unlike others in the top list. Like other cloud specialist organizations, it incorporates infrastructure, software, and platform as service administrations through open, private, and crossover cloud models. 

4. One of the trusted and leading Google Cloud additionally offers comparable administrations in different classifications, including security, artificial intelligence and virtualization and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. It is also considered as one of the trusted and top cloud computing service providers. This is considered as one of the cheapest cloud providers across the world. 

5. Orange Cloud is also one of the well known and famous services providers offered by Oracle corporation. It offers infrastructure, platform, and security, services. They lead in iaas service providers and are the best iaas providers

  • IaaS includes various computing, storage and networking functions.
  • These are paas service providers offerings include management of data, development of applications, analytics, integration and security. They are also one of the best paas providers across the world. 
  • The saas providers list include various services such as analytics, data, and blockchain applications.

6. It is founded and registered with headquarters in Singapore, Alibaba Cloud was initially created to provide its own e-commerce site, however, now serves as the public cloud as well. It is still growing in cloud computing service providers comparison. It is one of the largest providers in China offering various products and services such as security, monitoring, domain and hosting services, security services, etc. It serves in 19 countries with 56 zones. worldwide.

Here are some of the others in Top 10 cloud service providers and are also considered under the public cloud providers list. 

  • IBM
  • Services Now
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • Tableau
  • Vortex
  • Project xCloud
  • Shadow
  • Balcknut
  • Stadia

These were a few examples of top 10 cloud providers which are also among the best cloud providers in cloud computing service providers list. We can also judge on the basis of the server and what are the different types of cloud service providers. It is based on three categories which are a software as service, infrastructure as service and platform as a service. 

2. Which cloud service is best?

According to the survey, AWS is one of the largest cloud service providers and is the leader in providing the best in top 10 cloud service providers, however, Microsoft leads ad visionary and also best cloud computing service providers. However, Google is considered as third in the list among others.

Microsoft and AWS are considered as the supreme leaders among the competition of superiority who offers similar products, service and costs. Google and IBM are in line getting better day by day and improving services to lead in the race. The cloud computing providers comparison can be somewhat difficult in terms of pricing and other features however these are the actual list with rankings in the cloud computing providers list.


If the recommendation among these is to give, the advice would be to go for azure and AWS as one of the best service providers. Adding on alternatives if someone is looking for specific services offered by other clouds IBM Watson can be given a thumbs up for this.  Most of the organizations or enterprises use various clouds depending on the products and services used. It’s all according to the requirement which concludes who is the best cloud service provider.

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