Types Of Cloud Storage: Simplified (2021)


Cloud storage services have made it possible to store, save and share huge chunks of data on the web. It is a cost-efficient method to store data. The different types of cloud storages are listed below: 

  • Private cloud storage: As the name suggests, private cloud storage services are designed for a company or an individual specific to your needs. This system of cloud storage can be formatted into on-premise cloud storage and externally hosted cloud storage. The system allows you to have more administrative control and accomplish whatever you want relating to business records.
  • Public cloud storage: This system is designed to be less administrative specific and can be accessed by an anonymous user you authorize. The security level is the same as that of private cloud storage, but this system does not require maintaining or rigid integration with your business.
  • Hybrid cloud storage: Providing a combination of both public and private storage services, hybrid cloud storage allows you to meet your needs by customizing your features and use the resources that you have access to. The private cloud can store your sensitive info and more important data, while data with less importance can be stored in public cloud storage. This system saves time and money.

The most in-demand types of cloud storage services are the following: 

  • Dropbox: Among the different types of cloud storage, this one is perhaps the most popular. Dropbox is a cloud hosting service that allows you to store and share your files online and synchronize them to your system to access the data easily whenever required. Dropbox provides a free plan of 2 GB, while one can extend their subscription to 3TB of storage. Avoid the hassle of sending large attachments as Dropbox ensures easy and hustle-free sharing and storing of files. 
  • Google Drive: This is another type of storage in cloud computing developed by Google. Store your files easily, synchronize them with your system and access them anywhere anytime from your smartphone, laptop, pc, or tablet. Sharing and backup has been made easy with google drive’s cooperative features and built-in integrations. One of the extended features of google drive is that it allows you to work offline during an internet service downtime. The drive offers 15 GB of free storage, and one can take up an extended subscription to 10 TB of data. 
  • Amazon Drive: This cloud storage service was formerly known as Amazon cloud drive. The drive offers various features like photo printing, secure storage, file sharing, and file backup. Save, access, share and organize your files easily on multiple devices like laptops, smartphones, tablets, or PC. Amazon drive highlights its image recognition feature, which makes it easier for users to search for and filter out photos effortlessly and quickly.
  • One Drive: File hosting and synchronization has been made easier with Microsoft’s one drive. The One drive allows you to upload various files from your pc or mac, share these files with others, and allow others to view or edit your files. The One drive also provides offline access to ensure smooth functioning without any stops. Further, One drive provides 5 GB of free storage. 
  • Box: One of the best types of cloud storage, Box is suitable for everyone from individuals to corporates. Maximize your team’s capacity by opting for Box. With this cloud storage service, one can store and share all the files, including presentations, videos, documents, and photos. The finest part of the Box cloud storage service is that it enables multiple members of your team to collaborate without worrying about security. The online backup ensures that you access your files anywhere without hustle. Box guarantees privacy adherence, data protection, and end-to-end encryption for safe storage.


After going through this article, we hope that you are more familiar with the types of cloud storage available.

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