What do you need to become a successful cloud professional?

Cloud computing is one of the most trending, cutting edge technologies in the world. Many organizations are moving their crucial IT infrastructure from on-premise to cloud-based servers. The reasons are pretty simple. Cloud servers enable employees to work remotely from any place in the world, along with centralized software and security updates. Being one of the hottest technologies, cloud computing has a high demand for qualified cloud professionals.

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Cloud computing domain has opportunities for every tech-enthusiasts, from freshers who want to enter the job market to professionals who want to give their career a smart turn towards success. To secure a career in this domain, an aspirant must have efficient command over some skills.

Here are the must-have skills one must possess to build a career as a successful and complete cloud professional.

Migration of local applications to the cloud
As many companies are moving from on-premise data storage to cloud servers, companies are looking for professionals who have efficient knowledge about how to migrate the organization’s existing data from local applications to cloud servers.

Developing Cloud-native applications
To succeed in the fast-evolving, software-driven market, companies are changing the way thy design, develop and use applications. Cloud-native applications are those applications which are built and used in Cloud completely. The aspirant must know how to develop, implement and run applications independently in Cloud to take good advantage of Cloud benefits. 

Cloud Platform based Skills
Many companies have chosen to use Cloud as their strategic platform for deployment of the multi-cloud system. Thus, having efficient knowledge and understanding of how Pivotal Cloud Foundry, OpenStack Platform, AWS and  MS Azure work has become essential for an aspirant who wants to build a successful career in Cloud.

Database Management Skills
As an interconnected world on the internet, we create 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every single day. According to Business Insider only 0.5% of this enormous data we create ever get analyzed and used. Thus, organizations are eager to understand and maximise the use of this ever-growing data. Cloud platforms because of their ability of rapid scaling are the most common space hosting databases. Therefore, persons who can deploy, access and manage databases are in high demand.

For any aspirant of cloud computing, it is essential to have the knowledge of a database query language and related database platforms. The most prominent database language is SQL, although to boost one’s profile, a candidate could also learn MySQL MongoDB and Hadoop also.

Proficient in DevOps
DevOps or Development Operations is that method of software deployment that takes into account the entire software development cycle, from planning to application and maintenance.

It is one of the vital frameworks in the cloud industry and having proficiency in its understanding and utilization will add great value to your profile. 

Data integration & Multi-Cloud ecosystems
In many organizations, a complex blend of cloud services and types like public, private and hybrid is becoming the new norm. This implies that cloud professionals must have efficient knowledge about how to manage and work with these multi-cloud environments. For aspirants interested in making a career as a cloud architect, integration is a must-have skill.

The ability to utilize these high-end skills to maximise their value for the employers is what separates the best cloud professionals from the rest. You can also begin your career in this ever-evolving domain. To make the right move in your career by clicking here.

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