Why is the cloud becoming popular during COVID-19?

The last month has been one of self-isolation, both socially and physically. And it looks like for the coming days it will be the same. In the last month, COVID 19 pandemic sent many students home. Companies adapted to work from home, worldwide. The education sector is adapting to continue the teaching process through online classes/ sessions and our virtual lives are becoming alive with an array of nuances, in an effort to replace our physical realities with virtual tools and realities. The technology that has been able to shine bright in this uncharted time amidst the office work from home, quarantine days, social isolation, and anxiety, is  Cloud Computing.

Amidst this uncertain time, where the physical world has been superseded by the virtual world, let’s take a look at why Cloud Computing is becoming the backbone of the global economy.

Cloud Computing – Bringing the digital world to us

We’re able to continue our digital lives through applications such as Zoom Video, Slack and Netflix, because of services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. With AWS out of the scenario, we’d struggle to enjoy Prime video or gaming platforms like Twitch as we move to digital forms of communication and entertainment.

Catering to the BFSI sector in real-time

How do you think the financial and banking sectors can function in this lockdown scenario? The entire world of trading and analytical applications can perform because of cloud technologies. From the ATMs to your Netbanking, all software applications are performing because of cloud-based systems.

Streaming Online

Media companies, educational institutions, and global organizations are operating and catering to users across the country, across the world and on a variety of mobile devices, because of the cloud service. Netflix, iCloud, Dropbox, Zoom video and Skype, these everyday services are all able to operate because of the cloud. Do you think, without cloud computing, all these services could function, let at all scale up?

Smart Experience

Our mobile phones are smartphones all because of the universal, rapid experience and access to data that the cloud provides. Without that our smartphones on which most of us rely on would have been only mobile phones. Business and applications would trace back their steps to the days of synchronizing online and offline data off of mobile devices separately.  

A mighty force against Covid-19

Along with enabling the sectors to operate during this hard time, the cloud is contributing its bits to the healthcare sector as well. Many cloud providers came forward and are helping the healthcare sector in fighting COVID-19, in various ways. In the third week of March, Salesforce launched its first Salesforce Care Solution for Healthcare Systems. It is designed precisely for the healthcare providers that are experiencing an inrush of requests due to COVID 19. Further, they have expanded the Salesforce Care with an additional free solution feature for companies in any industry to stay connected with the stakeholders when everyone is working remotely.

An enormous, persistent network of cloud-based systems enabled the world around us to stay safe and running throughout this pandemic, with very few hiccups. One of the most fantastic things about cloud technology is the flexibility in the options they provide, now more than ever when companies need they can access, implement and test quickly and remotely. 

That said, we as a society and community will come out of this global crisis with an array of innovations and the cloud will continue to enable us to become a fundamental enabler in the coming decades.

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