Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: The Cyber World Protectors You Need To Know About!

, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: The Cyber World Protectors You Need To Know About!

Over the last 5 years, AI has captured the imagination of corporations across the globe. Topics like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning have become integral parts of business meetings, conferences, and even informal talks. Everyone wants to implement artificial intelligence, but only a few understand the challenges associated with these emerging technologies.

AI-based applications are on the rise, but do you realize the amount of information that they will store? Google has recently announced its voice assistant that will do all kinds of reservations for you, but imagine someone hacking into your system to remove critical data of your whereabouts! However, to counter the menace of data misuse and breach, techies are turning to AI itself for solutions.

Here are some of the common physical security applications that are being developed with AI and deep learning:

Home security systems

Traditional CCTVs merely capture what is happening in the field of vision. And if you are to detect any miscreant activities, then you need to employ people who are continuously monitoring the CCTV footage, which is a tedious job. A Bangalore-based startup called Uncanny Vision has developed a home security system that uses machine learning techniques to detect suspicious activities and raise an alarm whenever necessary.

, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: The Cyber World Protectors You Need To Know About!

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Understanding deviant behavior 

Various startups in India such as SenseTime and Face++ are working on systems that employ AI and deep learning to detect deviant behavior. For example, there is a fixed set of behavior that people generally display inside the ATM, such as inserting the card and pressing a few buttons on the screen to withdraw money. But what if someone starts hitting the ATM machine or tries to remove the wires? These startups are making devices that can detect the same and report any out-of-the-blue behavior immediately.

, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning: The Cyber World Protectors You Need To Know About!

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Cybersecurity at the forefront 

But threats are not always physical. Given the increased usage of connected devices such as mobiles and laptops, you are not only giving out a lot of personal information online but are also prone to cyber threats and attacks. A massive amount of data is stored using cloud infrastructure, but ransomware is one of the biggest cybersecurity threats out there.

Artificial intelligence can easily detect any unrecognized files being added to your cloud storage. Even if the hackers are successful in getting the files on your system, AI can automatically stop the script from running, thereby protecting your data from getting compromised.

Some of the most secure computer systems in the world, such as those belonging to the defense department of Iraq have been compromised with and tinkered. However, with AI and machine learning algorithms, any change in the speed at which these devices operate is preempted by AI, which can then stop any unauthorized file from being read or written on your system.

The road ahead

AI and DL are going to be especially helpful for Indian banks for pattern recognition, fraud detection, and customer analytics. Any unwarranted login into your banking account or incoming cyber-attacks can be easily detected with the help of AI and DL.

Indian corporations are doing some incredible things with artificial intelligence and deep learning. Since threats of all sizes and intensities are on the rise, cybersecurity experts are turning to AI and DL for countering the menace.

However, there is a lack of skilled AI professionals in the country and across the globe. If you are interested in exploring this interesting field, why not take the first step with our AI and DL course? Take a look at our PG Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence & Deep Learning course to understand how you can make it big in this industry.

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