CEH Vs CPT Certification: A Detailed Overview In 2021


Technology has emerged a lot day by day in the present era. Old and sophisticated machinery and tools are being replaced by new efficient equipment making the required tasks simpler and more convenient. With this increased automation by integrating all or major business processes, the crime involved also spread out its wings. Cybercrime may happen in the form of stealing or hacking sensitive and financial data, denial of access for your own device,  modification or deletion of data, and much more.

Many companies had started to hire ethical hackers to overcome this. The main job of these people is to find out the loopholes and vulnerabilities which may lead to threats in the information systems. Thus the company can stand back by reducing such vulnerabilities and threats. Even this requires a lot of knowledge regarding codes and hacking techniques. Thus for large and mid-range companies, it is quite important to get engaged with these ethical hackers. The entire organization will run into liquidation if such precautions are not taken.

And this was the main reason for the development of  CEH and CPT Certification courses. While CEH stands for Certified Ethical Hackers, the CPT in CPT certification stands for Certified Penetration Testers. Even though these courses can be found similar, there are many inherent differences laid deep down so far. However, to find out all the hidden vulnerabilities in the information systems that a hacker can take advantage of, these two courses must be learned together for effectiveness.

In spite of the wide opinions and mixed thoughts of ethical hacking about its existence and usage, it is quite much needed in recent times because of the increasing technology and a simultaneous huge increase in cybercrimes. To avoid the negative effects of hacking, these knowledgeable, ethical hackers are developed in the firms. These hackers use their knowledge and skills for setting up a defence against the respective security systems. To seal the loophole and vulnerabilities of a company, these individuals should be engaged.

Apart from introducing viruses and malicious programs, hacking can also result in the unauthorized robbery of sensitive data. These are different phases of hacking. They are reconnaissance, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and covering tracks. These white hackers always respect and obey the rule of law regarding hacking, unlike black hat hackers. And so, to be a white hater and work within the integrity and security of the organization, one must learn CEH and CPT courses to the best.

  1. CEH and CPT Differences and Similarities 
  2. Institutions and Course Availability 

1. CEH and CPT Differences and Similarities 

CEH Certification is a cybersecurity certification administered by the EC council. This professional CEH certification validates your hands-on understanding and experience in ethical hacking or penetration testing. The main topics of interest in CEH include Ethical hacking basics, technical foundations of hacking, footprinting, and scanning, enumeration and system hacking, Trojans and backdoors, sniffers, session hijacking and denial of service, Linux distros and automated assessment tools, web server hacking, web applications, and database attacks, wireless technology, mobile security, IDS, firewalls and honeypots, buffer overflows, viruses and worms, cryptographic attacks, physical security, and social engineering.

This CEH certification requires two years of least experience with hacking and cracking exams with at least 70%. You can give your exam online. Once you completed this course, you will be eligible to get hired as an ethical hacker.

Certified Penetration Tester certification benefits you with a knowledge of identifying vulnerabilities in information systems. This expert gets penetrated into the system like the hacker would actually do to know the weaknesses in the system. Generally, Penetration testing is done regularly. Certification usually requires a practical exam of hacking a system and cracking the CPT certification exam.

Both these courses can be done at university or online. Coming to the differences, while CPT focuses on finding vulnerabilities, the latter CEH works on the entire system, including the individuals connected to the server and their respective vulnerabilities. It is advisable to have done CEH certification if you are thinking to get certified and, to succeed further, you are required to take up a CPT certification.

2. Institutions and Course Availability 

You are advised to check your university background before enrolling in these certification courses to get the best CPT certification and CEH certification. You are required to check the universities approved by Information Assurance Certification Review Board and E-Commerce consultants (EC Councils). Exams will change as required based on time-bound, but the latest CEH certification is CEH V11. CPT course name changes according to the institution, but the underlying subject remains the same. CPT Certification cost can vary according to the institute and the period.


Whatever the course may be between these two, you are expected to be a good hand at protecting information systems and getting quality information on systems. With these courses, we can reduce the negative effects of cybercrime. To beat a hacker, one must think like a hacker. Ethical hacking can enhance the security of the nation by preventing cyber terrorism and terrorist attacks. Ethical hackers can find the potential entry point or vulnerabilities and thus can fix them.

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