MSP Certification: An Essential Guide In 2021


MSP is a globally acclaimed platform for effective management program management. This training is the right path to building project management skills and knowledge to improve work performance and career growth. It is a credential that validates your skills and knowledge and helps you stand out from the crowd. The MSP certification provides knowledge on the successful arrangement of programs’ transformational flows, principles, and related governance matters. This course offers a strong module to deal with explosive and vigorous management situations.

The certification course is uniquely designed to enable firms to recognize the need for programme management by way of –

  1. Effective implementation of programs, thereby smoothening complex deliveries interlinking projects.
  2. Timely checking of delivery within budget so that it gives the most management decisions.
  1. The Accreditation Body for MSP Certification
  2. Eligibility Requirements for MSP Certification
  3. Accredited Training Partner for MSP Certification
  4. Exam Format of MSP Certification
  5. Career Growth And Roles Post MSP Certification
  6. Post MSP Examination Requirement

1. The Accreditation Body for MSP Certification

AXELOS Global Practices offers accreditation services for this MSP certification. This body is known for specializing in different management strategies as it changes its management according to the dynamic changes in the corporate world. AXELOS has an enviable track record and unmatched competition in providing these best practice qualifications.

Some of AXELOS Key Goals Comprise – 

Encouraging growth and development 

AXELOS’ certifications are recognized globally.

 They can help you to quickly improve your skills and capabilities across several key business disciplines, in turn driving strong business performance.

Promoting high-quality training and nurturing best practices at the global level

2. Eligibility Requirements for MSP Certification

There are no such prerequisites in terms of eligibility for this certification. Any individual or professional interested in enhancing their career prospects can get with this course and is best for-.

  •  Programme Managers
  • Senior Project Managers
  • Operational Managers

To take the Practitioner exam, the aspirant should have cleared the foundation level exam. To take the Advanced Practitioner exam, the aspirant should have passed the practitioner exam. The Advance practitioner level is the final milestone in the overall certification.

3. Accredited Training Partner for MSP Certification

Institutes like CFA Institute, GARP, IIBA, Project Management Institute of Technology, APMG accredits the MSP certification training. They have an extensive network of 2000 experienced and certified trainers and some close tie-ups with many fortune 500 companies, which adds impetus to the overall training. Therefore it also gives a unique pass rate of 98.6%.

The tested and tried methodology ensures that every issue is handled expertly and ensures that candidates get quality e-learning which compromises 140 quizzes and chapters. One can take the benefit of 16 real-life examples and 4 MSP simulations with this training. The foundation level, practitioner level, advanced practitioner level test papers, 35 PSUs, case studies available in downloadable e-book form helps the aspirant handle host issues and earn a broad perspective in achieving the effectively implemented academic excellence.

This training is so professionally executed that it ensures that candidates do not get an MSP Certificate and make the effective implementation of the knowledge.

4. Exam Format of MSP Certification

The examination structure of the MSP Certifications is three-tiered

  • Level 1 – MSP Foundation Examination
  • Objective paper
  • 8 questions per paper
  • Need to score 40 out of 80 available or 50% to pass
  • Two and half hours to write the exams
  • Level 2 – MSP Practitioner Examination
  • Objective paper
  • 8 questions per paper
  • Need to score 40 out of 80 available or 50% to pass
  • Two and half hours to write the exam
  • Level 3 – MSP Advanced Practitioner
  • Essay based Questionnaire
  • The total marks on the paper are 75
  • Compulsory 3 questions need to attend in each paper
  • pass score is 40 out of 80 marks
  • The duration of the exam is 3 hours
  • It is an open book examination, and one can refer to notes, presentations etc.
  • Electronic aid is not permitted.

5. Career Growth And Roles Post MSP Certification

An MSP certificate is valued worldwide for its customer-driven, competent, business-oriented and change-oriented outlook. An MSP certified enjoys a wide range of benefits.

The professionals having certification are having a key to work in government organizations and global MNCs like:

  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • UK National Health Service
  • UK Ministry of Defense
  • British Petroleum
  • British Telecom

The certification helps professionals adapt to deal with a crisis and develop strong leadership skills.

6. Post MSP Examination Requirement

There is no expiry date for the MSP certification. Aspirants who clear their next two levels, i.e. practitioner and advanced practitioner, can have 5-year validity to their certification. The registered practitioners have to Re-Register for examination in the third and fifth year to retain the certificate.                                           


MSP offers a best practice methodology for instigating, planning, concluding and managing successful programs. It breaks them down into multiple projects, each with clear objectives, benefits, and roles. While the framework is comprehensive, it remains flexible enough to be applied to programs of different sectors, sizes, and locations. But also to be adapted to reflect unique program requirements.

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