These Sales Enthusiasts Mastered Strategic Sales In Just 4 Months With The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management

With the onset of the 5th industrial revolution, the world is moving closer towards embracing newer technologies in almost every walk of life. In the business ecosphere, those who upskill & transform into the best professionals versions of themselves are bound to be at the forefront of this revolution. The Sales domain, too, cannot be home to traditional sales methods for too long. This is where Strategic Sales comes into the picture. Strategic Sales refer to the detailed strategizing and planning that are done by an organization to identify and target potential customers to sell their product or service. With new innovations coming into existence every other second, our customers and their needs are also constantly changing. Investing in mastering traditional sales techniques to capture the interest of such a dynamic audience would be fool’s gold for any Sales professional.

For the modern customer, there is a need for a modern Sales Expert. Keeping this ideology in mind, the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management by IIM Indore was created to focus on the basic understanding of acquiring & retaining clients, new-age sales strategies to grow business & strategic sales management. This 4 months online live program will equip aspiring Sales Professionals and those looking at upskilling their sales capabilities to become a high-performing sales force who’ll create profitable growth and learn to adapt and manage change in ever-evolving, volatile environments. The program has gained quite popularity among Sales enthusiasts & has helped several learners start the next big chapter in their professional lives. Let’s take a look at what some such professionals have to say about the program.

Chetan Kute is an Area Business Manager at Genevolve who decided to make a smart decision in his career journey with IIM Indore. Here’s what he has to say about the 4-month program:

“I enrolled in the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management by IIM Indore. I was a part of the 1st batch for the program. In my experience, I found the program topics to be very well-curated & I received mentorship from the faculty at IIM Indore & Jigsaw. The support team is also very prompt to ensure a smooth learning experience.”

Chetan Kute

Chetan Kute, Area Business Manager at Genevolve

Another learner, Hetal Kapadia, who’s the Vice President (Marketing) at Todi Rayons Private Limited, says, “I am a 51-year old senior professional having 30+ years of professional experience who strongly believes in the saying, ‘Learning is a continuous and never-ending process,’ as learning is my hobby.“

He continues, “Speaking from my learning experience with the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management, I found it a credit-worthy program for those who want to make a successful career in the Sales domain. The learning pedagogy, real-world case studies that correlate Sales theories, multiple relevant examples, implementation of the ‘learning by doing’ concept, intriguing workshops from various industry experts, etc., really helped us to get valuable insights when it comes to Strategic Sales Management. All the faculty members are down-to-earth and highly co-operating.“


Hetal Kapadia, Vice President (Marketing) at Todi Rayons Pvt. Ltd.

Lastly, let’s read what Harshal Waghmare, the Organic certification Auditor at OneCert International, has to say about the program!

“The Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management conducted by Jigsaw & IIM Indore is an amazing program. The experienced faculty members are very supportive when it comes to placement or any other form of learning assistance. I personally feel that this program is crucial for identifying sales and strategic management in the overall market.”

Harshal Waghmare

Harshal Waghmare, Organic certification Auditor at OneCert International

With that, we come to the end of this article. But what are endings if not the beginning of something new, like an exciting Sales career as a certified Sales Strategist, right? Don’t hold back from making the best career move for yourself! Enroll in the Executive Program in Strategic Sales Management & receive certification & the Executive Education Alumni status from IIM Indore post completion of the program. Click here to begin a new adventure in your career:

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