Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar

The massive growth of the internet and our dependence on it is exposing us to newer and lethal cyber threats. The era of the fourth industrial revolution has begun, which makes our machines smarter and connected with one another. Weaved together with the benefits of this revolution across verticals are the threats of online crooks who are surreptitiously trying to steal information from our devices and hold us to ransom. The recent attacks by the WannaCry ransomware testified our vulnerability to such threats.


MGAIT is Spreading Awareness


MGAIT conducted a webinar on ways of preventing cyber-attacks. The session was hosted by Sashank Dara, Cyber Security Technologist, CISCO Systems. The short and effective webinar discussed the potential threats that our systems are exposed to and some of the simple ways to prevent such lethal attacks. This blog outlines the key highlights of the webinar to spread the words of wisdom to make our online sessions safer.


In the session, Sashank pointed out that hacking cannot be considered a one-off incident nowadays as it has gradually turned into a commodity. It is available as a service now!


“There is an industrialization of hacking now, It has become a commodity”


  • Sashank Dara, Cyber Security Technologist, CISCO Systems.

, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar


Now that’s shocking!!!


Knowing the Threats


The threats can be categorised in to Ransomware, Malware, Phishing, APTs, Targeted attacks and DDoS. Each of these threats have their own characteristics that differentiates them from the other. From threats like a Ransomware that encrypts all files and then demands a ransom to Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) which are often masked by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) to hamper services offered by a company, all are initiated mostly through e-mails and here are the key pointers on their characteristics.

, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar

, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar



In the Shoes of a Crook


Had it been a conman’s sequence from a 007 thriller, we would have kept calm! But it is not, so let’s try and understand as much we can to protect ourselves. Hackers spend a considerable time in reckoning their victims and scanning their network. Following this, they initiate weaponization, delivery, CnC and finally launch the action.


, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar


Safeguarding Yourself


Though a lot of technology beneficiaries lack in-depth hardware and software knowledge, yet safeguarding measures can be taken to prevent damages. To cite an example, how often do we book a cab online? Well, so often, we do that and to save the hassle we add our cards to the app. That is something we can avoid. Other gaps include downloading random file attachments from mail inbox that contains a lucrative message.


Here are some of the measures suggested by Sashank that we can adhere to:

, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar

, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar

Safeguarding Your Customers


No matter how awesome your product or service is, it is not going to be sustainable if it lacks on the security part. So, here are some ways in which businesses can safeguard their customers.


, Highlights of our Cyber Security Webinar


The webinar concluded with these tips and a brief Q&A session. So, if you have found this helpful and interesting, do subscribe to our newsletter (on the right hand column of this page) and keep following this space. We will notify you on upcoming events and webinars.

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