The Cyber Security Workforce Gap and Opportunity

This article on “The Cyber Security Workforce Gap & Opportunity” is written by Leetal Sayegh – Director of International Marketing at HackerU, Israel’s Premier Cyber Security Training Provider.

As our lives get more and more dependent on digital technologies and transactions, there is a growing need for protection from malicious players. Just as technologies evolve, so do cyber threats – cyber threats are becoming more and more sophisticated and businesses and organizations are falling victim to costly attacks. Cybercriminals are responsible for billions in losses every year and the need for secure network processes have never been greater.

Businesses and organizations are in critical need of cyber security professionals, but they are facing a heavy challenge in finding properly prepared employees. A recent study on the State of IT Security found that over 57% of organizations are planning to hire IT and Security staff in the next 12 months. This same survey also said that 54% of companies will increase their IT spending this year. (eSecurity Planet 2019 State of IT Security)

Due to great financial loss and customer backlash, businesses have come to understand the severity of the cyber skills gap and are actively looking for cyber talent. Today there is a global shortage of about 3 million cyber security professionals, and there are only a few educational players around the world that have succeeded to properly train cyber professionals that meet employer needs.

Successful cyber security resilience is a cocktail mixed with the understanding of computing fundamentals, technical know-how, and modern-day practices. Furthermore, each sector and industry has its own specialized needs that can only be addressed by someone who has an updated and well-rounded understanding of today’s threat landscape.

One of the biggest gaps found in today’s cyber education is the lack of hands-on experience – most graduates earning traditional degrees in cyber security lack the practical knowledge and skillsets needed in today’s cyber landscape. For today’s rapidly evolving digital economy, this is incredibly troubling – employers direly need skilled professionals in order to operate securely. Therefore, above all things, hands-on experience is what employers look for when evaluating potential hires.

To combat today’s growing workforce gap around the globe, we must look to experienced and knowledgeable training centers that can guide newbies into a successful career in cyber security. Training centers must be able to transfer IT fundamentals along with industry know-how and hands-on practice.

There are only a handful of education and training institutions that can truly prepare workforce-ready cyber professionals. HackerU, Israel’s Premier Cyber Security Training Provider, is positioned to address this challenge, head-on.

With over 20 years of IT-education success, HackerU specializes in cyber and information security, as well as IT and network administration.

HackerU’s cyber security training program with Jigsaw Academy is created for beginners to master computing fundamentals and today’s cyber methodologies with in-depth course work and immersive “real-time attack” cyberlabs. The blend of theory-based learning and hands-on practice is designed for students to master the skills needed to immediately join the workforce upon course competition.

Graduates of HackerU cyber security programs leave with tangible skills and technical proficiency of industry tools and procedures. They receive a strong foundation in the fundamentals of IT and information security, allowing them to not only obtain a job but also embark on a sustainable career journey. HackerU graduates have the capability and toolbox to now design, operate and support secure systems, hunt down hidden vulnerabilities, and enable businesses and organizations to act ahead of malicious players.

It is only through academic centers of excellence, like HackerU, with years of proven IT knowledge transfer, can the world build up its cyber resilience.

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