What are Some Real-time Issues Faced by IT Security Analysts You Must Know

Challenges in cyber security surface every day, and each one of them is unique. IT security analysts have to deal with cyber security challenges on a day-to-day basis in order to maintain and safeguard the security in their respective organisations.

Here are some of the top security challenges faced by organisations.

Malware Problem

Malware is heavily used by cyber criminals wanting to damage/harm your organisation. They can use malware to steal the confidential data of a company or even to destroy the data altogether. There have been instances where people have been locked out of their system, and a ransom has been demanded in exchange for reverting the system back to its old self. These kinds of hurdles often pose a serious threat to any organisation. IT security analysts, however, are adept at handling such situations. They usually possess a cyber security training certification, which enables them to effectively intercept and solve such challenges.

Here’s how malware can seriously affect your system(s).

  • A remote access Trojan or RAT is a malware that just sits in a company’s network and hacks all of its sensitive information. The access to this is then sold to the highest bidder. This type of malware is very difficult to detect, and the cyber security specialist has to be highly skilled in order to combat it. There are several cyber security courses that are offered by prestigious institutes across the country, which help in gaining professional expertise in this regard.
  • Issues like RAT can be overcome with the help of a technology called endpoint detection response. In this, the RAT’s information is shared within the network so all malware can be eliminated.

Security Threats by Users

A lot of security related incidents happen these days because of user behaviour and or user negligence. This is one of the biggest challenges faced by IT security analysts. The employees who have access to confidential data will, at times, wipe this data and save it with themselves. This type of behaviour brings losses to the business and is a very common issue in the corporate domain. One must have basic cyber security training to be able to handle such situations. This challenge can be overcome by enforcing tight control and monitoring everything right from the beginning.

Another issue related to this is spear phishing, which has affected a lot of corporate offices. Often times, we don’t think twice before opening a shared PPT or word document. This is very dangerous because the shared document may contain within it a virus capable of crippling your entire system and bringing it to a standstill.

The following practices at work can help in preventing data loss due to spear phishing.

  • The employees should be taught to always think before they click on any file. This can be done by showing them examples. They should also be provided cyber security awareness training, which is indeed helpful in identifying malicious files.
  • Using an email gateway to block spam e-mails from making it to the employees’ inbox. Investing in technology goes a long way.

Today, there are several challenges which are prevalent in the cyber security industry. And one needs a host of relevant skills to combat these challenges. Undergoing a cyber security course can be really helpful in this regard. It makes the individual competent enough to deal with these cybercrimes.

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