Why the Israelis lead the world in cyber security expertise?

Did you know that Israel lies at the center of an $82 billion cyber security industry? Israel is one of the few countries that face hundreds and thousands of cyber-attacks every month on its government websites and data systems. A couple of years back, the Israeli defense forces issued a press release stating that its Israel Defence Forces (IDF) 8200 Unit prevented an airstrike staged by ISIS against a western country. Israel is a superpower when it comes to cyber security. 

During a recent interview at the Tel-Aviv University’s 7th Annual cyber security Conference, Israel’s PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that cyber security is an excellent business that is growing geometrically since there is by no means a permanent solution and that it is an immeasurable enterprise. 

The primary reason why the country leads the world in cyber security is that its business houses and the government invest a lot into its human capital in a massive manner. 

Along with that, Israel is assisting countries like Singapore for creating a plethora of cyber security start-ups, convincing multinational corporations to open local research and development centers and exporting $6.5 billion worth cyber security products. 

So, what really makes Israel a superpower when it comes to cyber security? Let’s find out. 

#1 Government facilitates cybersecurity expertise

Israel really boasts a thriving technology sector and the government plays a crucial role in sustaining this aspect. The government plays a major part in Israel’s rapidly growing cyber security industry. The Advanced Technologies Park in Israel’s city of Beer-Sheva is home to the nation’s cyber security philosophy that brings together a unique combination of theoretical and practical cross-pollination of private and public interests. 

In order to achieve its objectives to make the country the major source of expertise and talent in cyber security, the Advanced Technologies Park has managed to attract multinational corporations like Oracle, Dell EMC, IBM, and Deutsche Telekom, with their research and development centers. Moreover, advanced research labs like the National Cyber Research Institute, the national emergency response, and the venture capital firms have taken a keen interest.   

#2 Introduction of cybersecurity training in schools and universities

Israel respects its human capital and has invested loads into its people on their ambitions, skills, and expertise to make them technologically empowered. This is the primary aspect of any cyber defense platform. Through a plethora of private sector and government programs and investments, the drive of the Israeli nationals is channeled into particular academic pursuits. cyber security is given so much prominence in Israel that cyber security education starts in middle school in Israel. This makes Israel the only country in the world that teaches cyber security as an optional in high-school matriculation examinations. In addition to that, a lot of universities in Israel offer undergraduate specialization in internet security.

What’s more is the fact that Israel is the first country in history to offer a Ph.D. program in cyber security. In modern day Israel, there are six research centers dedicated to cyber security.   

#3 The foresightedness 

The Israeli government along with its think tank has collaborated to make the nation a superpower in cyber security. The Israeli Space Agency has teamed with the National Cyber Initiative task force and the National Council for Research and Development for creating an ecosystem that will alert the authorities with prior information on what to do when unpredictable internet threats arise. This foresightedness is what led to the nation’s growth and success in the field of cyber security. 

#4 Leveraging Israeli Military as the startup incubator 

Since the nation was formed in the year 1948, Israel’s primary focus was to develop advanced military capabilities. The country has invested a lot of its money and resources into developing a powerful military and defense organization.

With the advent of technology in cyber defense, the nation’s military, as well as cyber security defense, has grown significantly. 

Since cyber security is going to be a prominent chapter of the future, it is important for nations to reinforce their cyber defenses to keep the country and its people safe. People in India who aspire to become cyber security specialists or want to pursue the field of internet security can now learn from the Israeli experts. 

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