5 Insights from Stephen Hawking on Data Science that will Get You Thinking

Right from the Big Bang theory to big data, there is virtually nothing that Stephen Hawking didn’t contribute to. His thoughts penetrated through space and time to discover black holes, peeped into the mysteries of the universe and its origins and inspired every little kid to look up towards the sky with awe. Unfortunately, the hero every space freak worshiped and looked up to left us recently.

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You’ll be remembered to infinity and beyond

The entire science fraternity is going to miss the most intelligent and imaginative man of our era. However, his contributions are going to play a vital role in our understanding of the universe, its working and purpose for decades to come.


A man who was deeply fond of fiddling with scientific data, often tons and tons of it about distant galaxies, stars and interstellar information, there is a lot every budding data scientist pursuing a course in big data training can learn from Hawking.

In his own way, Hawking beautifully captured the essence of data science and the role big data will play. Let’s look at five thoughts from Stephen Hawking on data science, which will get you thinking

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1. Data is your playground, and your ball too.

A data scientist has to deal with complex data and there is no easy way of decoding it than having the ability to play with it. In his own words: “In a dazzlingly complex world, you have to be able to discern the meaning in the mess.”

If you have an analytical mind that is ready to see data through different lenses, an online big data analytics training course can help you carve a career as a data scientist.

2. Data is as important as the tools needed to decode it.

In an event at CCIMI, University of Cambridge, Hawking said,

 “What we’re only now fully realizing is two-fold: the sheer quantity of data in any given domain; and the tools we need to make use of the information encoded in it.”

Emphasizing on arming data scientists with the right tools to make the information useful, Hawking also declared that data is as important as the skills of people handling it. Today, if you are armed with Hadoop training and big data training, you can confidently excel as a data scientist in any domain.

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3. The power of information

Yet another statement by Stephen Hawking in the same event is worth pondering as a data scientist. He said,

“The power of information… only comes from the sophistication of the insights, which that information lends itself to.”

Mulling over tons of data cannot be fruitful if you are not able to draw new insights from it. These insights empower you to expand your knowledge about what looks like an infinite amount of random data. Giving a purpose to budding data scientists, Hawking gave data lovers an objective of finding new insights every time they meddle with big data.

4. Big data has enormous potential to pioneer scientific advancements

Stephen Hawking believed that big data held the key to future scientific advancements, ranging from healthcare to education. He also encouraged students to take up higher studies in related fields to help science move forward. He also collaborated with companies like HPE that provided him with a supercomputer to help decode 14 billion years’ worth of cosmic data.

Similarly, by investing in online training programs, data scientists can have unmatched opportunities for using their talent to bring innovation in every field.

5. Data science is no cake walk

Struggling with many concepts like the grand unification theory and often rewriting his own thesis about black holes, Stephen Hawking showed that be it cosmology or data science, you cannot be certain until no stone is left unturned. As data scientists, being true to your profession only means being true to data analysis and not drawing conclusions based on the inadequacy of it. In Hawking’s own words, 

“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

Taking forward Stephen’s legacy

Interestingly, Hawking was suspicious of the power of artificial intelligence and believed that it would lead to the end of the human race. As data scientists, the onus of taking forward the legacy of this iconic cosmologist is in being curious about data. Having a child-like curiosity will help you unlock the secrets that data is hiding in its enormity. Seeking a career in this adventurous field? Jigsaw Academy offers many in-demand data science courses. What’s more, you can try our courses for free! Dive into the never-ceasing world of data with us!

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