5 TED Talks you Have to Watch if you Love Data Science

Big data has revolutionized the world beyond our imagination in just a few years. People from myriad domains have integrated data science into their work and unlocked new avenues for growth.

TED Talks is a platform where the world’s top leaders, thinkers, analysts, scientists, business experts, etc. share their groundbreaking experiences or inspiring ideas. Over the years, TED Talks has captured the growth and development of data. So, if you’re interested in this field or are keen on learning more, take a look at what these five brilliant minds have to share:-


1) Kirk Borne: Big Data, Small World

Dr. Kirk Borne is a Professor of Astrophysics and Computational Science in the School of Physics, Astronomy and Computational Science (SPACS). After 20 years of working in NASA, he changed hisfield and became a data scientist. In this video, he shares the characteristics, benefits and opportunities of big data. He further discusses how the advent of data mining is shrinking the world we live in today, merely through small connections and associations. Watch the informative video here:


2) Deb Roy: The birth of a word

MIT researcher, Deb Roy wired his home for 3 years with video cameras and microphones to monitor his new born son’s action and speech. In this TED Talks video, Deb brilliantly elaborates how he, along with his team members analyzed 900,000 hours of data to comprehend his son’s linguistic behavior. His company discovered several patterns and structures, through data-driven technology and other methods. They then used similar patterns to make deep implications on how we learn today. Know more about his key findings here:


3) David McCandles: The beauty of Data Visualization

Data journalist and infographics designer, David McCandles beautifully explains how visualization of information can reveal meaningful insights and alter our perspective. In the video, he points out unseen patterns and connections from real world problems (worldwide military spending, media buzz, etc.) He enlightens on how all the information clutter in the world today can be better  understood by simply applying information visualization. He strongly believes good design can change the way we see the world and even solve information problems in our society. Find out more here:


4) Anne Milgram: Why smart statistics is the key to fighting crime

It was only in 2007 when Anne Milgram was appointed as New Jersey’s Attorney General did she realize that the criminal justice system was flawed. In the video, she shares how the entire prosecution process was based on personal instinct and not on big data analytics, whichled her to build a strong team of big data scientists and researchers. She transformed the American criminal justice system by incorporating data analytics and statistical analysis. Watch her inspiring journey here:


5) Nick Bostrom: What happens when our computers get smarter than us?

Philosopher and technologist, Nick Bostrom talks about the growing power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning and the profound change it will bring in. Excluding a few algorithms tricks, he considers AI almost analogous to human intelligence. He questions whether machines will have the same values as humans or will they acquire their own? Watch the full video here:


In the present world, everybody is leveraging the massive potential of data and creating better opportunities to perform and excel. With so much happening in the world of data science, it is easy to lose track. These TED Talks links are one way of staying updated!

What are some other interesting TED Talks on data science you’ve come across? Tell us in the comments!

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