Amiqus Uses Data Science to Offer Affordable Legal Services

Every year, innumerable people fail to find affordable legal services and advice in the UK. Owing to this, a large number of cases remain unresolved. The situation did not seem to improve despite the ongoing efforts by the UK government. Consequently, Data Science could provide the solution to this problem.

Amiqus, a Scotland based legal-tech software firm, came to the rescue of people in the need of legal services. Using Data Science, the firm attempted to offer consumers an inexpensive alternate to court. The offer includes free and unrestricted access to legitimate legal information via open data. Hence, it served some relief to people in the need.


To predict the outcome of legal claims and disputes based on the legal information to avoid court-intervention. Furthermore, to provide this data to individuals and small businesses free of cost to support them.

Solution Proposed:

Amiqus aimed to build an operational proto-type of a software as the solution. This software would be ideal for analysing open source, historical, legal and court information. Amiqus would use the processed information to help the small businesses and individuals avoid court intervention.

Scottish Edge helped facilitate a meaningful academic partnership between Amiqus and The Data Lab. They then linked Amiqus to the Computer Science and Law Departments of Strathclyde University.

Hence, this provided Amiqus with loads of academic time worth of £35,000 for the necessary study and information it needed.

Amiqus built the software in six months after the partnership. The software used a statistical approach to match and process the text. Amiqus refined the search process and even relatively relevant keywords can now pull the relevant information. The software monitored the relationship between the user’s search query and the resulting information. With the software anyone could access the legal information they needed as per their convenience.

Business benefits:

Users who were not familiar with the legal terminology could now easily search for the information they wanted. Consequently, this aspect enabled Amiqus to reach out to wider user base.
Legal information that was locked away from general public would now be available for analysis.
This would help the company meet their business objectives way faster than before.

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