Best CI CD Tools Used by Programmers In 2021

Ajay Ohri


Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are important to bring about a positive result to a company. This makes CI-CD an agile practice in many organizations and is being followed and adopted across the world.

In this article let us look at:

  1. Continuous Integration
  2. Continuous Delivery
  3. List of CI CD Tools

1. Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration or CI is the process of integrating the constant code into the Codebase. It makes small integration frequently because a few minor code changes are capable of producing fewer and unwanted results. The integrations are checked to look for errors that are done not by humans but by automation that is built into it. Continuous integration relies on many automation tools that include the code management systems and the CI servers. This speeds up testing, deployment, and software product packaging. It allows detecting early and eliminating the problems, which help to mitigate the integration issues. With constant code integration, the team is capable of fostering collaboration that lets developers deliver high-quality software quickly.

2. Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery or CD is the method to deploy frequent and small changes in the software like UI enhancement, bug fixes, and feature improvements. CD starts when CI ends. CD includes staging and testing, and it also deploys the continuous integration code. CI is basically about the developer practices, and CD belongs to the operation realm. Introducing incremental changes has many uses because they are less troublesome as compared to the process of releasing any software upgrade in a single go. When continuous and minor changes are implemented, then it is makes troubleshooting and rollback easy. It also allows adding new features that meet the demands of the clients.

Like CI, CD is dependent on automated testing, regression, and monitoring performance that helps to identify the errors and look for any vulnerability in security when the software passes through the CI-CD pipeline tools. With both CD and CI, few changes will allow more targeted and precise tests that ensure speedy delivery of the best code quality to the end-user.

3. List of CI CD tools

1) Shippable

Built by Jfrog, Shippable is one of the best CI CD tools that are used to make error-free and predictable software releases. The automation platform of Shippable offers support for Docker and streamlines the testing, development, deployment, and provisioning of the software anytime and from anywhere. It is the best CI CD tool that integrates with many popular tools.

2) GitLab CI

GitLab CI tools are available on various platforms like Linux, macOS, and Windows. It has an amazing UI and is packed with many features, and all clubbed into a simple dashboard. This includes code reviews, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment. The GitLab is an amazing tool and allows an easy transition from the other CI CD tools and lets the developers define the customized pipelines.

3) TeamCity

TeamCity is an open-source and one of the CI CD tools that are free of cost that integrates effortlessly with the Azure DevOps and Jira software, to name a few. One of the best server-based CI CD pipeline tools, Teamcity is present on Windows and Linux and runs to offer users the flexibility of running simultaneous builds across various environments.

4) Buildkite

Buildkite lets developers run fast, scalable and secure pipelines on the on-premise platform. It is possible to install Buildkite on Linux, macOS, Docker and run the jobs across many agents on any centralized platform. This offers a lot of visibility and lets users build the internal tool.

5) Codefresh

Codefresh has been developed on Kubernetes, and it gives total support to GitOps. It is integrated with many well-known tools like Terraform and Puppet, to name a few. Codefresh lets the programmers have increased visibility and scalability. It offers amazing speed across many platforms like Amazon Web Services and Azure.

6) Semaphore

With the Semaphore CI CD tools for sequential and parallel builds, the developers can automate tests, build and deploy on a wide platform range which includes Linux, macOS, and Android.

7) Bitrise

Bitrise runs to build on macOS and Linux machines and offers support to many programming languages that are used in mobile app development. The tool saves the user from installing expensive hardware.

8) AutoRABIT

AutoRABIT is a CI CD tool that offers solutions that are custom-made for the Salesforce platform. If you want the best CI CD tool that offers tailored and scalable output for the Salesforce platform, then AutoRABIT is an ideal choice.

9) Strider

Strider is the most used CI CD tool that supports many programming languages. It is possible to integrate Strider using powerful tools to get notifications.

10) Jenkins

The open-source and cross-platform tool, Jenkins, is a Java-based tool that lets users test and reports in real-time.


Because of the adoption of various agile practices, there have been many CI CD tools that have been introduced in the market in the last few years. This makes it cumbersome to choose the best tool. Above, we list down the top tools that you need to learn for a leap in your career.

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