Communication and Story Telling- A Crucial Skill for Data Analysts

Without strong communication skills, all your super analysis and insights can be overrun. You don’t want to be in Smither’s situation and have your boss or client dismiss your insights just because, perhaps, you weren’t able to present it strongly enough.

As Neha Shitut explained in an article GOT ANALYTICAL TOOLS! NOW WHAT?,  published in ProductThinking, “Clear communication is important. Analytics is not only about numbers but it is also about making sense of the numbers. Very often one is in a position of explaining the results to clients who do not have in depth understanding of either statistics or any statistical tool. As an analyst, one is expected not just to produce output but translate it in a way that is helpful to a business. It is not only about the language but the ability to convey to others what one wants to say. Often in analytics, one is expected to work in teams where effective and clear communication plays an important role in overall productivity.”

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