Best Data Extraction Tools For 2021

Ajay Ohri


Data extraction is the method of extracting and retrieving data from multiple sources. Data is extracted for analyzing and processing. The data that is extracted could either be structured or unstructured. The data that gets extracted is then migrated and stored into a data warehouse where it gets further analyzed and interpreted to use in various businesses.

Data extraction is not a straightforward process. However, thanks to the many data extraction tools available in the market, the process is not just manageable but also efficient. These data extraction tools let companies reap maximum benefits from the data.

Let us now look at the top data extraction tools that eliminate the manual factor from the process, which saves time as well as money and also minimizes any human error.

List of Data Extraction Tools

  2. OutWit Hub
  3. Octoparse
  4. Web Scraper
  5. ParseHub


A popular web-based tool,, is used to extract data from the websites. The good thing about this tool is that it does not need you to write any code to retrieve data. The tool retrieves data by itself. finds a lot of use in equity research, retail, e-commerce, and sales. It is also used in risk management and marketing intelligence. uses smart data, which lets companies achieve success. It also offers reporting and data visualization features. The best part about the data extraction tool is that it does not need any skill or expertise. It is very user-friendly and thus can be used by personnel of any skill level.

2. OutWit Hub

OutWit Hub is a data extraction and web scraping tool that browses the website and then collects as well as extracts the relevant data from various online sources automatically. The tool will first segregate the web pages and divide them into various elements. It then navigates through it one by one and extracts relevant data from these elements. Outwit Hub is used to extract images, data tables, email ids, links, and a lot more.

The tool offers several usages like ad hoc extraction on varied topics of research to carry out an SEO analysis on the websites. It offers simple and complex functions that include data structure recognition and web scraping. The data extraction tool has Mozilla Firefox and Chrome Extensions.

3. Octoparse

Octoparse allows extracting data through clicking, pointing, and extracting without the use of any code. All that one has to do is to enter the URL of the website that he wishes to scrape and extract the data from it, and then click on the target data. He can then run the extraction function that helps in retrieving data. Octoparse lets you scrape the website using automatic IP rotation that does not let the sites block your IP address. This, in turn, allows scarping from several websites. The big data extraction tools have features like a 24/7 cloud platform. The file can be downloaded in Excel, CSV, or API format and can be saved in the database directly.

4. Web Scraper

A data extraction tool that follows the point-and-click method, Web scrapper, makes it easy to extract the website data, which makes it accessible for all. The data extraction tool has been designed for the web exclusively and allows the extraction of data from every website. This also includes those that have features like JavaScript and multi-level navigation.

Web Scraper allows building site maps through various types of selectors, which in turn makes it possible to customize the process of data extraction to dissimilar website structures. It is possible to access the extracted data with webhooks and API. The Web Scraper data extraction tool has an in-built cloud server that grows with your business. So you need not worrying about outgrowing the services.

5. ParseHub

ParseHub lets you extract the relevant data with just a few clicks. It is a data extraction and web scraping tool that scrapes complex sites using Ajax and JavaScript. It is also capable of scraping those sites that use infinite scrolling or those that restrict logins with content. All that you need to do is to open any website and then click which data you would like to extract.

The ParseHub tool screens the page and understands the hierarchy of the elements and then hands over the data desired to you within a few seconds. The data can be extracted and downloaded in Excel, JSON, or the API format. ParseHub can also search through maps, forms and handle websites that have innumerable pop-ups and tabs.


Big Data and Data Science have highlighted the importance of data which is only strengthening as the days go by. Every industry today needs to leverage data to gain important insights and make data-driven business decisions. Data extraction is thus important, and the first step is to leverage data. This article talks about the best data extraction tools that are available in the market. These Data extraction tools extract the data, which is then analyzed, processed, and put to business use.

Big data analysts are at the vanguard of the journey towards an ever more data-centric world. Being powerful intellectual resources, companies are going the extra mile to hire and retain them. You too can come on board, and take this journey with our Big Data Specialization course.


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