Data Migration Tools: A Concise And Basic Guide In 2021

Ajay Ohri


With the information of multiple formats coming in from various systems, the current system may need to be upgraded to a larger one or its data migrated to another system. Data migration tools allow businesses to extend their information storage and analytical skills and fully use data to drive business decisions. It is a common means of transferring data, and almost any organization uses it at some stage.

Throughout this article, we address what is data migration, why it is essential, how and when to create an effective data migration plan, and what features to look for when purchasing cloud data migration tools is. Let’s begin by describing data migration.

In this article let us look at:

  1. What is Data Migration?
  2. Data Migration Tools

1. What is Data Migration?

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), data migration accounts for 60% of every large enterprise IT project. So what is the approach for data migration?

Even then, data ‘transfer’ wasn’t the only component of data migration techniques to consider. Unless the data is heterogeneous, the migration phase will require modifier keys and transformations between both the source and the target data. A database conversion strategy or application transformation, for example, may be part of an IT migration project in which legacy systems are replaced, and current concepts are implemented to function alongside the new ones.

To ensure a successful implementation with no loss of data, data quality must be evaluated prior to migration. The variety, volume, and accuracy of services transferred and the data migration software that makes it all possible determine the success rate of any data migration project.

2. Data Migration Tools 

The Most Powerful Data Migration Software

In today’s rapid IT trends, everyone is growing or attempting to expand, which puts a greater emphasis on data migration.

Some of the popular Data Migration Tools are:

1)  Astera Centerprise 

It is a one-stop-shop for all company transformation and development needs. If you really need to transfer data from individual database systems to a private cloud or introduce a detailed Extract, Convert, and Load (ETL) protocol, this is the tool for the job. Centerprise is the program that enables users to organise and optimise direct experience jobs in parallel or sequential order, depending on their requirements. It contains a parallel processing engine to optimized cost and maximizes Methodologies’ quality.

2) Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services

One other emerging innovation big data solution for addressing massively complicated market problems is Microsoft’s SSIS. The SSIS data integration tool’s only drawback is that it necessitates a considerable lot of manual coding. As a consequence, although it will be suitable for programmers, it will be difficult for non-technologists to build workflows in it. MS SQL SSIS is a well-known ETL and data migration addon around the world. It also has knowledge management features such as organising, resource provisioning, connection monitoring, and much more.

3) Informatica PowerCenter is a database management system.

Informatica PowerCenter is another great data integration program that enables businesses to increase their quality through programs like statistics, data warehousing, and system relocation. It supports the entire information management lifecycle, from design to deployment.

It is adaptable and efficient, and it can handle several data integration plans and activities at once, including B2B exchange, information management, automated data migration, and storage of goods. It allows users to build rule-based data migration workflows in order to enhance the overall migration.

4)  Integrator of Oracle Data Services

Oracle Data Integrator appears to be a big data migration platform with relatively high file transfer functionality. Its design is based on Extract, Install, and Transform (ETL) engineering, which allows it to integrate data from different systems.

Oracle Application Integrator pushes your transformation phase down to an origin (target), removing the need for a middle engine to execute any transformations. Oracle products, including Oracle Golden – Gate or Oracle Application Data Quality, also were integrated with both the app.

5) Rsync

Rsync would be a data migration method for efficiently moving data between computer systems. It migrates data depending mostly on file size and time stamp.

6) Configero

Configero’s Data Loader with Salesforce is indeed a data loader program that runs on the web. It accelerates the processes of adding, upgrading, and removing Salesforce info. It has much better error treatment since corrections are shown in the grid, enabling easy modification of mistakes.


Keep in mind that Data Migration is normally the last stage in either data integration workflow. If the migration is complete, stakeholders can access the data for review and determine whether or not to delve further. The secret to choosing the best data migration tools is to conduct review and analysis. It is often preferable to test an advanced analytics platform for a period of time to ensure that it meets the business requirements. Thanks for reading the article! 

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