Data Science Is Reshaping the Healthcare Industry

There is an ongoing debate that our society is in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This revolution is marked by an array of new technologies that are bringing together biological, physical and digital worlds. i-Nside is a global leader in endoscopic technology. Powered by “applied AI systems” and sustainable mobile technology, i-Nside is developing cost-effective medical devices to boost and improve the healthcare industry all over the world. The products built by this company are capable of taking the pictures of the “insides” of the ears of patients to diagnose the irregularities as well as the diseases after a thorough analysis. This analysis-cum-diagnosis is entirely based on the imaging technology embedded in these products.

Business Challenge

1) Building custom “visual recognition” capabilities into i-Nside’s endoscopy-products using technologies like Machine Learning and Deep Learning

2) To ensure the visual recognition results obtained by i-Nside products are accurate as this accuracy is directly related to the “life and death” matters.

Solution Proposed:

i-Nside turned to Clarifai, an AI company that is one of the best and leading names in visual recognition technology, for their technological requirements. Using the 100,000 images of the affected areas inside the ears, Clarifai built a custom software for i-Nside products. This software enabled the products to “not only take the pictures of the ear but also to analyse the results – all in one small, affordable, mobile package that anyone can use!”

The team of data scientists at Clarifai coded their software to enable the endoscopy-products of i-Nside to deliver accurate analysis of the affected areas in the ears. Machine Learning technology was used to achieve the “accuracy” part of the whole diagnosis process at i-Nside.

Business Benefits:

•i-Nside now delivers accurate diagnoses to doctors across the world.

•The machine-learning-based software designed by Clarifai continues to learn and get smarter based on the increasing collection of images by i-Nside-hardware. This is helping the underserved markets like Asia, Africa and South America gain access to the expert knowledge in medical care.

•i-Nside plans on expanding their AI-based imaging hardware into other medical fields like Oncology (cancer) and Radiology (X-rays, MRI scans)


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