Data Science Making the World a Better Place

Gone are the days when lack of data interpretation and analysis techniques discouraged the collection of data. It has been possible due to the discipline of Data Science. It has made the collection and elucidation of data a lot easier.

Branding the field of Data Science as an isolated technique of data interpretation would be untrue. It is rather an amalgamation of computer science techniques, statistics, and various other computational and quantitative subjects. This, one of the most powerful fusions, now holds the potential to change the world.

In fact, there are various data science projects, which are in their final stages of execution. Also, there are other techniques and methodologies of data science. They aim to make the world a better place to live in.

Data Science in Astronomy

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in Perth, Australia is currently involved in the development of the biggest radio telescope called the Square Kilometre Array (SKA). Once completed, the SKA is expected to capture as much data as currently generated by the digital world in a year for the study of the universe. However, the biggest challenge was the computation of such an enormous amount of data. Though, ICRAR proposed SkyNet – a community-computing initiative, the efficient management of the data from SkyNet became the next hurdle.

To overcome the challenges, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provided right data-science-based resources to ICRAR for processing, storing and disseminating the large chunk of data churned out by SkyNet. With these resources, AWS also eliminated the need of a dedicated supercomputer.

Affordable Legal Services

Many people fail to find affordable legal services in the UK every year. To reduce the number, Amiqus, a legal-tech software firm, is using data science as a cost-effective alternative to court. It allows people of the UK to access legitimate legal information with the help of open data. The data predicts the outcome of their legal claims and disputes.

Curbing Deforestation

Global Forest Watch – a tool based on Data Science – enables data scientists, environmentalist and policy makers to track and monitor the condition of forest protection on a real-time basis. The tool uses NASA Satellite Imagery to analyze over 7,00,000 satellite images of the forest across the world. The high-resolution images show annual forest change. If the change is not favorable, an immediate action is taken.

Fighting Hunger in the UK

The Trussell Trust of the United Kingdom is using data technology to map current demand of food, highlight places with unmet needs and predict future patterns of the demand. This step is aimed at reducing the pressure of national food banks.

When Numbers Join Hands for a Better World

Data science is constantly striving to make your city, state, country and the globe a much better place to live in. There are many who understand that data science and big data analytics hold a paramount importance in the betterment of the society. There are also those who are currently going through data scientist training to shoulder the responsibility of a better world tomorrow.

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