Data Science Solves Communication Woes of a Telecom Giant

Data Science can definitely make this world a better place. Slowly and gradually telecom giants are realizing this and using data science actively to solve the communication woes of their customers.

The mobile telecom group, Actuate found solutions to some of their biggest problems by using data science.


  • Tracking performance and active users of mobile data services. Furthermore, centralizing information to make large amounts of data easy to access and utilize: Finding the right information without having to refer to multiple systems, reports and log files had been quite a cumbersome task. The information, thus, obtained needed a long processing time and tedious cross-verification. Further, the credibility of such information has mostly been questionable.
  • Generating KPI reports without major dependence on the IT team: Given the complexity of it, the IT department helped in generating the KPI report. Therefore, in the absence of direct reporting capability, there was a chance that the company would have to shell out $150,000 an year to address their business analytics requirements.

Solution Proposed: Using ActuateOne and Hadoop for Big Data access and analytics

  • The strategy revolved around harnessing Hadoop capabilities to mine Big Data on a colossal scale. But relying on Hadoop alone would not solve the bigger problem.
  • The consumer data services team used BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) technology. As a result, it would connect analytics capabilities of already deployed ActuateOne application platform with the power of Hadoop. Consequently, doing so would enhanced the analytical capacity of ActuateOne.

Business Benefits:

  • Analytics platform was now capable of leveraging Big Data. Also, it was now calculable and on-demand.
  • The business analytics was consolidated into a unified location. Consequently, it replaced multiple older systems.
  • Marketers could now obtain actionable customer insights from dynamic portal-based application.

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