Here’s A Method That Is Helping Businesses To Clean Data Effectively

This article is a guest post written by Mohd Sobhel Ather (a Software Developer and Blogger) with inputs from Petr Kudlacek (a serial tech entrepreneur and the CEO of Apro Software).


Data is definitely the backbone of any business and without a strong database it is almost impossible for the business to grow and work towards success. While it is relatively easy to collect data in today’s hi tech and internet driven world, it’s difficult to constantly arrange, format and maintain data the right way. With the right data analytic tools and data cleansing methods, one can not only manage to keep data systematically formatted but also ensure that data is sorted out in a way that proves to be most beneficial for the business.

While there are various formats that one can incorporate in order to save data, it is highly recommended to save data in an excel sheet because not only is it easier to access it that way but it is also more convenient to access this data through various systems. If you want to run a successful business then it is important for you to follow the right data cleansing techniques that you can incorporate in your business, so that it functions effectively.

Are Data Cleaning Techniques Essential?

This is a common question and most business owners wonder whether or not it is worth investing a certain amount of time as well as money in order to clean and format the data that is accumulated when they can put the data to use directly.

If you are wondering why data cleansing is important, then you need to understand that if data is not sorted out in the right format then, that data might not even be of any use to your business. If you want the data to prove to be beneficial to your business it needs to be sorted out in a way that can come in use not only to the automated system but also to your employees.

When the data is reduplicated and cleansed effectively, it gets rid of all inactive and unwanted entries that could waste a lot of time and even cause problems with your system. While the process may seem to be tedious and lengthy at times, it always makes more sense to get it done once and for all so that you are left with a clean sheet of data that you can use over and over again and always get positive results out of.

Get Rid Of Extra Spaces

If you save your data in an excel sheet then the one thing that you may want to do is get rid of all the extra spaces in between the data that you have because this extra space is not only going to take up more storage space but also create complications with the format and make it difficult for the system to read the data correctly. With the help of a data cleansing company you will manage to get rid of all the spaces almost instantly.

Select And Treat All Blank Cells

Blank cells can also create a lot of complications when it comes to formatting your data which is why this is something that needs to be addressed as well. When getting your data cleansed, make sure that you ask the data cleansing company to filter out all the blank cells and get rid of them so that you have the right format you are looking for.

There are a number of ways in which data cleansing can help your business. If you want to make sure that you are cleaning your data efficiently you need to ensure that you get the data sorted in the right manner. One of the ways that you need to do this is clear all formatting for your data. Businesses usually store data in a specific format. This format is not necessarily based on a template but it could be a format which the entire organisation is comfortable using. Before running a data cleansing tool on your data, you need to clear all formats so that the data cleansing tool can work efficiently. If you store your data in an excel sheet or on a worksheet, you need to clear the format and this can be done by a couple of simple steps.

Once the data is clear of any format, it will ensure that the data cleansing tool will understand the data properly. There are times when the data cleansing tool does not recognize certain formats and in such a scenario it would not clean the data efficiently. This would not only waste your time, you will even lose confidence in the data cleansing tool. While it is not the fault of the data cleansing tool, you need to make sure that you clear the errors from your end.

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