How Data Science Features in Your Everyday Life?

‘Wow! This gadget recognizes my face,’ ‘I earned more revenue because of the precise targeting feature of this social media website,’ ‘I feel so secure when I shop online,’ ‘What an accurate and quick search engine.’

In today’s digitally revolutionized world, we either undertake plenty of activities online or rely on gadgets to make our life hassle-free. When we are done with our task, we leave no stone unturned in praising the technology or the device that extended a helping hand. However, we usually forget to applaud the powerful science that makes this happen – Data Science.

Here’s how Data Science comes to our rescue in our everyday routine.

Those Melodious Voices

Remember Jarvis from Iron Man? When you command or ask your gadget something, depending on the operating system of your electronic device, you get to hear the beautiful voice of Siri, Cortana or Google Voice – which is basically your personal Jarvis. The voice recognition by the device and its response is all possible due to data science. Powered by data science, these ‘voice-based assistants’ extract knowledge and insights based on your voice, input/query and respond to provide you the desired output.

‘Let me Google It’

These are the four words that are used by all those who get stuck somewhere with something. Very easy to pronounce, isn’t it? Well, labelling search engines as an epitome of excellent technology wouldn’t be untrue.

‘However, where exactly does a data scientist fit into the equation?’ If this is the thought that is racing in your mind, then it is necessary to understand that he is the one who builds strong data science algorithms for search engines. Be it Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine, incorporation of data science algorithms ensures accurate and faster results.

Data Science for Business Growth

You mentioned ‘reading’ in your ‘likes’ field while creating your, let’s say, Facebook profile. Next time you login to your account, you’ll see your home feed brimming with book and magazine ads. Maybe this is your second or third visit to the social media website, and you may have not even liked a single page, yet you’ll see all those ads.

This is because the businesses registered on the platform are utilizing data analytics and precise targeting features to attract potential customers who have interest, passion or likes that are related to the product or service that they are selling. The more data the site has, the better it gets with its targeting.

Like the Way You Fly

Did you know that there are numerous airline service providers operating at a loss? Either due to low occupancy, high fuel price or low tariffs (to lure customers). There are many airlines – globally – struggling due to these factors.

But few of these airlines have started using Data Science to bring their balance sheet figures out of the bracket. The discipline helps airlines to:

1 Decide which class of Airbus to buy

2 Whether to halt in between or directly reach the destination

3 Launch new and/or manage the existing loyalty programs for the customers

All this is possible only because of Data Science. Airlines gather and crunch data from the past and make better decisions for the future to become profitable.

So the next time you get a cheap flight ticket, you know who is responsible for it.

It Gives You a Credibility Badge

Certain agencies in India give credibility ratings to firms and individuals. Credit Rating is one such example. So, how do you think they do it?

When a data scientist deploys the techniques of data science in this context, it helps in mining data, such as an individual’s or firm’s profiling, past expenditure, and various other variables that further assist in analyzing the risk of default. Thus, on the basis of data obtained by Data Science, the agencies give a rating to the entities. Next time your loan gets approved, thank your data.

Data Science: Running in the Veins of the Digital World

Be it logistics or self-driving cars, Data Science is everywhere. Because of its growing importance and scope, many are opting for business analytics and data science certification courses. Data Science is changing the world, and if you are passionate about this fascinating discipline, then this is the time to enroll yourself in a data science course and fulfill your dream of becoming a data scientist and have a significant impact on the daily lives of millions of people around the globe.

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