Making Devices Smart – The Simply Smart Story

As humans, we have two options – we can either be with smart people or educate a person to be smart. That’s exactly the notion around which Simply Smart came to be. Yes, instead of working with objects that are already quite autonomous and smart, Simply Smart works on the simpler commodity products and makes them smart. Electricity meters or water meters for that matter. That’s how the name Simply Smart was come up with as well – take simple things, develop them into connected devices and make them smart. This is the funda of Gautam Rege, the CEO of Simply Smart.

Gautam founded Simply Smart last year but has been working unofficially in this field for the last three years. Serendipity would be the best word to describe the occurrences of events for Simply Smart. Even before the concept of connected devices, IoT or smart cities became popular in India, Gautam was into this field with a vision of automating the entire city of Karjat, bringing in automation to every house in the town.

Their ground-level ideas and practical approach to implementing them impressed the authorities. Their intentions to introduce something disruptive, revolutionary and resourceful made them develop the required hardware, software, and firmware for the technology and that’s when they realized somewhere that they were actually standing on a goldmine.

The Automation Solutions

When it comes to the devices Simply Smart develops, Gautam has a very clear and precise idea. According to him, home automation is not smart but lazy. That’s not where you can better someone’s lives. The real factor lies in making utilities such as water meters, electricity meters, and gas meters smarter. By developing a single device to control multiple devices, we can enable people to save on resources and the money they pay for it. Gautam visualizes this process not just for a single home but on a large scale level – on the grounds of a society, a township or a city. With this automation system, Gautam aims not to influence the lives of people but their livelihood.

The Smartness Quotient

One of the fascinating aspects of Simply Smart solutions is the smartness quotient that the devices bring in. Now every single one of us looks at the water, electricity, and gas meters at the end of every month and pay whatever we have to. Agreed. The smart device, on the other hand, tells you in real-time how much water or electricity you’ve consumed in a day. Your phone gets a message on the real-time metrics of resource consumption. But is that information useful? To an extent yes. But what if the device could tell you how much your neighbors are consuming? What if it could say that you’re consuming 100 litres of water every day when compared to the average of 85 litres of your neighbors? How useful is that information? Very much! That’s what makes the device smart.

With a lot of analytics and assessments going into the data that’s generated, the device offers you information that is very much needed to make life better. Gautam shares that that’s where the smartness factor comes in. He adds that cities don’t become smart by themselves and that the cities are just as smart as the people in them. And that’s exactly what Simply Smart has ventured into driving the change.

Apart from the basic utility products, Simply Smart has already begun working on tapping into water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, solar panels and more to further complement their vision of making cities smarter and convenient. With such ambition, Simply Smart is one of the best examples of IoT you can see today. As we say, time is right to venture into this sector and bring in changes that would make tomorrow better. If you’re looking to switch to IoT, do it today.

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