The Winning Combo: SAS and R

There was a time not long ago when companies were very clear about the data analytics tools and technologies they wanted to use. Most often it was simply a choice between SAS and R. Companies that could afford SAS would use SAS and those who couldn’t use R.

Today however, with open source platforms like R rapidly gaining popularity, companies big and small have realised the many advantages of these free tools. As such even companies that have traditionally been using only SAS are now also using R. They have realised that the benefits are many. However let’s get this straight. Just because they have begun to also use R, does not mean that they have altogether stopped using SAS. What’s happening is that they are using SAS for some clients or for some projects and R for others. They give their clients the whole gamut. What this really means is that data scientists today need to be savvy in both SAS and R. We are seeing that companies today prefer to hire people who have both the skills.

At Jigsaw we are increasingly seeing students who have successfully completed the Foundation course in data analytics using the language of SAS, coming back to enrol in the Data Science Certification that trains them in R. They say that the Foundation course gave them an entry into the analytics industry, but in order to have a faster career growth, they have realised that they need R skills as well.

I publish a fortnightly recruitment newsletter for Jigsaw students eligible for placement assistance and again increasingly, I am finding that many jobs advertised on online job portals like Naukri and Monster are inviting applications from only those who have proven skills in both SAS and R. For example HR solutions wants to recruit a Team Lead- Analytics(Rs 10,00,000- 20,00,000 p.a) in Gurgaon and the first criteria they mention is an Expert level proficiency in R and SAS (Mandate). Similarly Symphony Teleca Corporation is looking for a Statistical Modeler or Data Analyst and they require ‘Strong SAS & SQL & Basic knowledge in R skills’.

You will find many more such jobs requiring both SAS and R skills as you search further. It’s true- It’s no longer SAS vs R. Today you need SAS and R to excel in your analytics career.

Jigsaw recognizing this growing trend has a special offer for you this month. Valid until the 31st of March, if you enrol for both the Instructor Led Foundation course in Data Analytics using the language of SAS and the Instructor Led Data Science Certification using R and Hadoop, you will get a massive discount of Rs Rs 26,000(Regular Fee: Rs. 84,000, You pay only Rs. 58,000) and Retail Analytics Course worth Rs. 20,000 absolutely FREE +Access to virtual lab for one year!

Similar combo offers for the video based Foundation course in Data Analytics using the language of SAS and the video based Data Science Certification using R and Hadoop are also available. Enrol and get a discount of Rs 11,000 + Fraud Analytics Course worth Rs. 4,000 absolutely Free.

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