Three Must-Have Points on Your Data Science Resume

They say that a good resume may not be sufficient in getting you selected, but a bad resume will certainly get you rejected. So it is established that your resume is one of the most vital elements in scaling the distance between you and your dream job.

Breaking the CV code

The art of creating an impressive resume will improve your employability and career prospects. Often, the most talented and deserving candidates miss the spot just because of not having paid attention to the finer details in their resume.

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Must haves in a data scientist’s resume

Good resume building requires strategy and tactfulness. A resume should guide the interviewer into asking the questions that you want to answer. It should have a perfect mix of information, achievements, and ambition to catch the employer’s interest and help them see the value you can offer to their company.

Achieving all of this within two pages of a CV could be a daunting task for a data scientist. If you are wondering why your CV isn’t getting shortlisted even after having valuable big data training and experience, we have the right answer for you. As someone who is an expert in numbers, it’s all about maximizing your resume’s conversion rate by highlighting what is important and eliminating what is not so as to land the best jobs in data science.

Three must-have points in your data science resume

1. List out your data science projects

Good work speaks volumes. If you have worked on data science projects for reputed clients and delivered within your scope of objectives to make the project a big success, let it take the front seat in your resume. By showcasing your contribution to renowned clients and projects, you are backing your claim of being good at your task with hard facts.

For example: Project executed – Optimized a casino major’s marketing spend across different customer segments by analyzing and predicting customer behavior patterns.

2. Mention relevant data science courses

Your elevator pitch must boast of your pedigree. Data science has evolved at a fast pace over the last decade and it is of significant importance for every data scientist to prove that they are still in the game with up to date skills and knowledge.

By adding relevant information like your big data certification, Hadoop certification, and data analytics courses under your skills, you are conveying a message to the employers that you are constantly upskilling and increasing your value as an employee.

3. Have a future-oriented career objective

Data scientists have a huge role to play in the coming times. With nearly every industry relying on big data to reinvent the wheel, innovation is what every employer is eying for in data scientists to seal the deal and give them the job.

Try and step into the shoes of an employer and see how you can project yourself as a future asset to the company. Your resume must portray how you are proactively participating in workshops, learning forums and big data conferences. Your career objective should proudly explain how you believe you can be the harbinger of a technological revolution in the company that selects you.

For example: Objective – To help businesses make high impact decisions with the help of data and customer insights.

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Finishing touches

It’s a good idea to mention independent projects and research work like blogs and published papers to complement your academic big data training and show your passion for numbers and data science. A data scientist has the ability to turn tons of data into precise knowledge. Same applies to creating an impact resume – keep it crisp and punchy.

If you think you don’t have the required skills or could brush up on your data science knowledge, don’t forget to check out Jigsaw Academy’s offerings in the field.

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