Top 10 Indian Data Science Recruiters

Did you just complete your data science course? Are you wondering which company to get started with? Maybe you want to know about the scope of a data science course? The data science industry is thriving no doubt, resulting in an increased demand for data scientists. Here are top ten data science recruiters in India who may help you kick-start your career.


1. Fractal Analytics

Conceptualized in 2000, Fractal Analytics has emerged as one of the top analytics service providers in the country. With a global footprint boasting of several Fortune 500 companies from industries like retail, insurance and technology, there is certainly no stopping this one. Does the idea of generating custom-made analytics solutions for multinationals and upcoming businesses interest you? Then a job at Fractal Analytics will probably not feel like work at all! The company is currently hiring Data Scientists for its offices in Bangalore, Mumbai and Gurgaon.

2. Amazon

One of the biggest e-commerce companies around the world is also among the top data science recruiters worldwide. In India, Amazon relies on its data scientists for several core operations like supply chain optimization, fraud and fake review detection, multivariate testing, inventory and sales forecasting, advertising optimization and HR analytics to name a few. Like the thought of working on something similar? Then brush up your resume and send it over to the company. Amazon India is presently looking for data scientists for its several offices in India.

3. Deloitte

A part of the ‘Big Four’, Deloitte has been offering services like consulting, financial advisory, tax, audit and enterprise risk across the globe since 1845. Data scientists at Deloitte undertake several analytics projects, which may be multi-disciplinary in nature. Their responsibility is to simplify complex and large data and ensure that it is easily understood by the clients. Do you enjoy breaking down complex data into simple information? Then the Data Scientist job at Deloitte might just be the one for you!

4. LinkedIn

Did you know LinkedIn was one of the first companies to have a team of data scientists? Among the most-sought after companies for data scientists, LinkedIn is a social networking service allowing its users to grow their professional network. If you can spend hours decoding hidden insights from a large amount of data to ultimately enable business in making smart decisions then this would be the right role for you!

5. MuSigma

Identifying itself as the largest solution provider of decision science and analytics, MuSigma has its headquarters in Chicago, US. It has offices world-over, with its central delivery hub in Bangalore. Your role as a Data Scientist at MuSigma would involve analysing data, refining as well as simplifying it and finally evaluating the results. Sounds interesting? Then you are probably the one MuSigma is looking for to join its analytics team!

6. Flipkart

India’s leading e-commerce giant Flipkart has a huge demand for data scientists. It’s due to the company’s growing scale of business and increasing amount of data. A typical day for a data scientist at Flipkart involves improving the Net Promoter Score by working on key business insights. It also includes creating and maintaining data based on the information associated with the domain. Think you can do that? Then you may be a perfect fit in the company. Flipkart is looking for data scientists to fill in positions in its Analytics department.

7. IBM

International Business Machines Corporation, popularly known as IBM has been offering consulting and multinational technology solutions to clients all across the globe since 1911. Does your ideal job description revolve around finding, integrating and maintaining a large volume of data, which is used to derive operational insights and create effective solutions for the company? Then look no further, IBM India is where you should be heading!

8. Accenture

Accenture believes that big and complex businesses can benefit by efficient utilization of their own data. They need to rely on the experts for it – data scientists. If you have a passion for defining strategies and delivering on them with the help of resourceful use of integrated data then Accenture is the place to be. The prominent global professional service provider presently has openings for data scientists in the field of business process specialization and data management to name a few.

9. Citrix

This US-based multinational company offers several services in India including networking, cloud computing technology and SaaS. Citrix believes in undertaking several data science projects to help the company get a competitive advantage in the market by using data to promote decision making as well as to predict results. Think you can help the company achieve its mission? Then be a part of the talented analytics and research team at Citrix.

10. Myntra

Want to be the data scientist for one of the top four start-ups of India? Data scientists at Myntra are responsible for measuring the company’s performance. They also look after improving decision-making by relying on data science and advanced analytics. If you enjoy classifying, segregating and maintaining data then Myntra might just be the place for you

There is clearly a surge in the demand for data scientists all over the globe, especially now that it has been named the sexiest job of 2016 by Glassdoor. There is a wide scope for data scientists in India too due to the increasing gap between the demand and supply of these professionals. If you are a data scientist looking to be associated with a leading company. Or if you want to start your career as a Data Scientist with the top recruiters in the industry, then these ten companies will give you just what you are looking for!

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