Top Five Data Science Start-ups in India

“In God we trust, all others must bring data” – William Edwards Deming With a boom in start-ups, even established companies find themselves playing the ‘survival of the fittest’ game. The availability of data generated every micro-second has changed the landscape of decision-making for businesses. The need for data availability and data scientists has given rise to a number of successful data science and big data analytics start-ups.

Let’s look at some of the best data science start-ups in India.

1. Flutura – Every now & then we see new data analytics start-ups trying to generate insights from structured and unstructured data. Flutura mines Big Data to perform business analytics by working on a Machine to Machine (M2M) model. This is done via its product Cerebra, which collects information on thousands of data points of various machines. It then leverages these data points to convert it into actionable strategies like pre-scheduling repairs for machines, order parts, etc. for global oil and gas majors to bring in efficiency and safety.

2. Heckyl – With trading being uncertain and sensitive to changes all across the world, Heckyl aims to be a global leader in the space of data analytics for worldwide financial markets. Imagine one place to keep track of all the news, people emotions, trending sentiments and so on that can optimize your trading strategy. Heckyl is radically transforming the trading industry for all the involved stakeholders to find the best trading opportunities.

3. Fractal Analytics – Fractal Analytics helps companies in predictive analytics and decision sciences to understand, predict and shape consumer behavior through advanced analytics. With multiple products and platforms created to meet varying business analytics needs, Fractal Analytics covers a wide array of problems and provides their solutions. With new products in the healthcare space and even an AI-based personal assistant, it is no surprise that Fractal Analytics is India’s second-largest data analytics firm.

4. Qubole – Qubole Data Services boasts of a simple interface that masks the complexity of the analytics framework to help organizations make use of its capabilities more easily. After retrieving the information, it is processed using the pre-packaged connectors. A user can put together a query in its graphical workbench and let the algorithms under the hood take it from there. The platform allocates hardware resources needed for a particular request and immediately frees up the infrastructure after everything is done to minimize overheads.

5. DataWeave – DataWeave is an emerging technology company that provides actionable analytics to businesses using publicly available data on the web. The technology platform aggregates, organizes and analyzes millions of unstructured data points across multiple data sources and provides access to these insights through dashboards, reports, visualizations and APIs. The data products can be used to better understand the competition, monitor their brand, optimize offerings for their customers, increase sales and much more.

With these start-ups doing so well, it’s no wonder being a data science professional is one of the best career paths for 2017.

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