What makes a good SAS course?

Why would you do a SAS course? A majority of us want to improve our understanding of getting things done on software used by the largest section of the analytics fraternity.

Why not use the web and other free resources to do this? The biggest advantage of self – study through online and offline resources – is that it is FREE. No monetary outflow. And you decide the pace and quantum of learning.

The disadvantage is that you need to know what is important for effective functioning in the work environment and get material relevant to deliver at work. The dedication required to master a subject is immense. Regular hours devoted to self-study with a very clear objective in mind.

Thus, guidance from an expert who can decide/ suggest a course outline becomes of maximum importance. And if we get the relevant study material with doubt clearing sessions and practical examples, the effectiveness of study increases many-folds. And the time we will take to master the skill reduces considerably.

So what makes a good SAS course?

The curriculum – and how aligned it is to industry requirements / certifications etc.

One the most frequent complaints against most courses are that they are too theoretical and there is not much connection to what is taught and the real life scenario. So the curriculum design becomes a very important factor in making a good SAS course. It should give you a lot of practise on things that matter most in work life

The faculty – experience/ quality of inputs etc.

The course has to be designed and delivered by Industry experts, people who have worked on SAS and large data sets in real life scenario. When a course is designed for a short duration with limited hours it become very important to have the quality of the content to be precise and of very high quality which means it has to be designed and delivered by seasoned professionals from the Industry who understand the dynamics inside out.

Mentoring – provided by the institute and seniors – helps getting jobs

Sometimes the difference between SAS courses offered by two different institutes may be the mentoring offered by the Institute. In most cases the SAS courses are taken up by professionals who want to enter the analytics industry and may be new to the nuances of how this industry operates. Hence it is a great help to have someone advice on the way forward and assist in landing that dream job for which you had decided to take the course in the first place.

Networking support – through social media groups promoted by the institute-which help in long term job movements and professional networking opportunities

Many institutes now ensure that you get to be part of an alumni network of the institute which ensures that you remain abreast with the latest happenings in the industry and also network with other professionals from the same industry. This ensures that you are more visible to recruiters and Industry experts which enhance your chances of moving up the ladder by a great deal in the long run.

Do keep these in mind when you choose a SAS course. Doubts remain? Call us at  9243522277 for help!

Image courtesy of Idea go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
Image courtesy of Idea go at FreeDigitalPhotos.net
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