Why Data Scientists Need a Combination of SAS, R and Hadoop Skills

The Data industry may be booming but as the industry finds itself entering new sectors and as companies find new uses for data, we find that the role of the data scientist is changing and evolving. As such the skills recruiters look for when recruiting data analysts or more experienced data scientists has also changed. Today the in demand skills are a combination of popular data analytics tools and technologies.

Though SAS is still one of the more popular data languages, in today’s environment data scientists find themselves increasingly working on projects that need Hadoop and R expertise. As we all know R is one of the great success stories for open source software. It is free and can do pretty much everything SAS can do. As for Hadoop, it is an open-source programming framework that allows data to be spread over large clusters of commodity servers and processed in parallel. Last year Revolution Analytics updated its flagship package of R statistical functions so it can be run with the Hadoop data processing platform. Used in parallel (R and Hadoop), organizations can easily and more economically derive useful insights to get bigger and better advantages from their data.

We at Jigsaw, recently published our 2014 Salary Report for the Analytics Industry in India. One of our findings was that earlier, companies were using any one tool for data analysis, SAS being the most common. Consequently those with expertise in SAS commanded the highest salaries. Today R has gained popularity and companies are increasingly using a combination of SAS and R tools. This means higher salaries, in the range of 11.2 lakhs, for those with SAS and R skills. However we also found that those data analysts with expertise in SAS, Hadoop and R commanded a premium of 10-20%, with average salaries in the range of 11.6 lakhs per annum.

For those of you eager to begin a career in Data Analytics or Big Data it would be wise to get started with developing expertise in these in demand analytics tools and technologies. There are several free and paid online training courses and certificates that provide relevant training both theoretical and practical. For those of you interested, Jigsaw Academy also has a variety of video based and instructor led courses that are designed and delivered by analytics experts from across the world. The unique advantage of a Jigsaw Course is their virtual lab where you get to practice on real life datasets.

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