How to bridge emerging technology skill-gap through Bootcamp intervention

Technical talent is in high demand. But ramification of the growing technology skills gap not just reflects on entry-level hiring but also on lost revenues and missed growth. Besides, this leads to less stakeholder confidence, lower employee morale, reduced productivity and high employee turnover. According to an Accenture prediction, India could forgo up to 2 to 3 percentage points, or $1.97 trillion in potential cumulative GDP growth over the next 10 years if skill-building does not catch up with the rate of technological progress. 

Today, more than a land parcel, fancy office or funds, access to skilled employees acts as a differentiator to set successful companies apart from the laggards. The demand for advanced skills in software/application development, cybersecurity and cloud computing, etc. is on the rise. Emerging technologies like data science, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and robotics have had the largest increase in open positions across recruitment portals as opposed to other existing openings. But new jobs need to be connected with able hands. For every new opportunity from the emerging technology space, HR and L&D need to prepare and onboard a ready talent to serve the scope. But acquiring a new candidate is not only expensive and competitive but also comes with its share of complexities. 

Growing popularity of Bootcamps 

In response to this, a training provider like Jigsaw Academy has come forward with short, intensive technology education program to upgrade the talent pipeline in the form of a bootcamp. The concept of such bootcamps comes from the military’s short, intensive and rigorous training for new recruits. Bootcamps focused on Computer Science, Coding, Application Development, Data Science, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, etc. have emerged as an important pipeline to bridge the technology talent gap in the recent time. Bootcamp training providers like Jigsaw Academy offer rigorous training for new candidates around technology skills that corporates demand.      

3 Benefits of Bootcamp programs:

  1. Win-win for recruiter and L&D: Forced with limited infrastructure support and steep mandate from business, HR with talent development in arms want to quickly optimise their ‘employee skill index’ by acquiring and growing the right skills. Jigsaw Academy can train fresh graduates and early career professionals with little or some technology proficiency with the curriculum as per requirement from the business. From Data Science to machine learning, analytics to artificial intelligence, cyber security to cloud computing, bootcamp programs on emerging technologies can help candidates become project ready from day one.
  1. Learning effectiveness: The principal goal of bootcamp training program is to train a candidate intensely in an 8 -12-week schedule and make her project ready. In a targeted customized curriculum model (Java and/or analytics for example) an instructor-led training combined with self-mode online and target-based modules help students learn in the most effective fashion. With an ideal mix of concept (40%) and hands-on practical (60%), it is ensured that learning outcomes meet business expectations and matrix.    
  1. Talent optimisation and retention: As technology evolves, the skill gap widens – thus making a large chunk of employees redundant. Companies then downsize, right size, conduct reorg and rethink their human resource strategy. Concerned with their employers’ lack of upskilling efforts and deflated moral employees trigger attrition. The demand for emerging skills will only increase if we find a way to catch up. Instead of one-and-done approach, organizations can nurture a culture of continuous learning. Short bootcamps come in handy in imparting the specific skill sets. They play a vital role in helping employers consistently innovate and plan their workforce evolution.

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