New Opportunity to Change L&D Strategy on the Backdrop of Covid-19

They say every challenge is an opportunity. A blessing in disguise. This once-in-century pandemic has highlighted issues entrenched in our traditional training system dated back to the 19th century “Factory Model” education system. Yes, there has been technology intervention in the classroom but given the enormous influence that technology has left on nearly every sphere of our society, the same exponential impact didn’t quite happen in neither public nor in enterprise education. On the backdrop of Covid-19, as we gaze into the future of corporate L&D, we realized that we needed an ecosystem that could deliver great content, engage seamlessly and scale at-once, is contextual, agile and safely accessible from anytime, anywhere. Too much to ask for? 

In essence, Covid-19 is a great time to dig out our best of the breed technical, social and economic collective might for transformational productive reform in corporate L&D space. It’s time to retrospect how to bring the ed tech and the big tech together, strategize to trigger greater adoption while being mindful of employees’ basic social and emotional needs and hold L&D investment in priority to bring the much-needed resourcefulness. 

Below, we follow these three trends that could hint at future L&D opportunities. 

  1. Making learning more accessible: As the way we work is becoming more complex, L&D needs to provide access to training “anytime, anywhere, on any device.” According to a Gartner study, “The effortless learning experience has the greatest impact on learning application and digital learners value it the most.” 
  2. Emphasising on social wellbeing: As the disruptions have put a nasty blow to the tried and tested learning programs, this is an opportunity for the L&D leaders to leverage the power of employee engagement to aid productivity and create a safe, community feel. As employees tend to deal with stress, anxiety and confusion whilst balancing the new realities at work, it is crucial for businesses to run structured and unstructured learning programs to help employees navigate the psychological upheaval that many would experience.  McKinsey in a recently published report states along with the channels of tech; creating engagement and community feel among employees hold paramount importance. 

, New Opportunity to Change L&D Strategy on the Backdrop of Covid-19A new L&D purpose on war footing: Desperate time needs desperate measures. The L&D mission approved in the third quarter will not hold much relevance due to changing circumstances. A new temporary mission statement is the need of the hour.

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