Project ready freshers from day one: Reality or Myth?

In a tight talent market where skill gap is wide and competition is fierce, talent fulfilment is becoming increasingly difficult. Worldwide, a talent crisis is looming. A study by a leading research firm predicts that world over, shortage of labour may reach 85 million by 2030. In India, where the world’s largest working-age population resides, only 5% of engineers can functionally and logically write correct code. No wonder, overcoming talent crisis is critical to the success of business strategy, growth and performance. Just hiring freshers in hundreds, in some cases thousands, from colleges and universities across the country may not serve much purpose if the candidates cannot be plugged in to fill open positions.

Digital imperatives coupled with emerging technologies are disrupting the landscape of learning and development. With businesses looking for specific skill sets and organizations finding difficulty in coping with ongoing digital transformation, it’s important how do we upskill and reskill our recent grads quickly.

While many learning providers have come up to occupy the vacuum, some of them succeeded and some failed. The failures have often sparked uncertainty around the worth of such programs. But, a right training partner equipped with the right credentials can work wonders in streamlining and preparing a batch of candidates from the first day, first hour. Some reasons, how an intensive bootcamp program can be designed and implemented efficiently.

1. Quick scaling capability: Times of growth is always exciting. As organizations add new locations or as new product rollouts are planned, demand for intensive domain focussed bootcamp training also grows. Add to that cyclical demands of the year or a sudden win when businesses want to scale up their bench in the quickest turnaround time. Not every learning provider has the bandwidth, infrastructure and ecosystem to honour the client mandate at the drop of a hat.

But Jigsaw Academy does. Its connected state-of-the-art campuses can train 5000 learners at once. Its host of experienced in-house IT faculties plus empanelled and soft skills trainers can provide the best in-class training. From customised learning to connected infrastructure and logistics, from multimodal delivery to multiple operations and academic support, Jigsaw ensures project delivery predictability and quality at scale.

2. Customised learning: No two organizations have the same business mandate or circumstances…mostly. Gone are the days of serving run of the mill cookie-cutter programs to all and sundry. There is no shortage of learning or training providers but the ones that make a tailored and responsive curriculum are rated high by the industry. Whether the bootcamp is around information technology, data science or management, institutions of repute that have a deep focus on the emerging needs of education can strategize and create a curriculum in tune with the business mandate.

3. Experienced Faculty: An experienced training partner can bring onboard the best of the faculties to propel your learning goal. A well-qualified niche faculty would not only provide the most critical knowledge for project success but also add fresh perspectives. Over time, that’s how they build reputation and word-of-mouth for their work. Jigsaw faculties are best in class. They come with rich industry experience, corporate training background and are certified in relevant technologies (Proxor, ISTQB, Brainbench, IKM, Oracle and IBM to name a few).

4. A modern corporate bootcamp program: An intensive corporate bootcamp program can help young professionals upskill their fundamental and technical skills to become an efficient resource from day one. Jigsaw has broadly divided its bootcamp program into two pieces. The first part in the form of integrated learning consists of foundation and technology curriculum coupled with a collaborative project development. This consists of 40% concept and 60% hands-on learning. The second part comes with a domain classroom training in the form of fluid curriculum keeping business requirements in mind. Broad technology streams covered are Cyber Security, SgarePoint, Data Science, Data Analytics (Big Data, R, Tableau, ClickView) Java, Microsoft .Net, Software Testing (Mainframe, C++, DBMS) Mobility (Android, IoS), ETL Tools (Informatica, Cognos, MSBI), Agile & DevOps, Mean Stack, Cloud Computing and many more.

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