A boon to upgrade your profile during COVID-19

As the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to loom large, the Central and state governments have stepped up their efforts by issuing a directive to a temporary lockdown till the end of the month until further notice. Companies have given employees access to working remotely. We are all in self implied quarantine, working from home, cut out from all social gathering. Staying at home and working, along with a full household maybe because of school closures or a partner now working from home as well, could be jarring for you.

We all might stay productive under quarantine despite the chaos that is surrounding us, considering it as a boon for us. You must be thinking, how can quarantine be a boon? This period is a boon, as it’s time to refocus and reframe yourself and your goals. Utilizing this quarantine period to work on your return of impact will help to increase your productivity.

There are a few things you could follow, for working upon your return of impact.

Connection: The real-life social connection is on pause for at least the next 3 weeks, that doesn’t mean you will stop staying in connection with your peers or loved ones. Connect with them over social media, video calls, etc. Use the internet and social media strategically. Increase your connection on LinkedIn, and leverage this time communicating with your professional network.

Creativity: As there is less time to interact with people that means you have more time to focus on your creative side. Maybe creating new content for your social media handles. Or are there any programs you have put on halt, as you couldn’t have time managing your work-life balance.
This is time to let the creativity in you flourish.

Flip to E-learning: With everything going on the digital platform it is easier to take up certification courses online over your smartphone or laptop. It’s time to flip to the E-learning and find the silver lining during these uncharted times. Remote learning offers a convenient, on-the-go and affordable access to the students and professionals like you and me. Attending webinars, and sessions online allow you to connect with the experts from the different industries of your choice.  

Upgrading your profile: To stay ahead in your career, you need to constantly upgrade your skills and profile. In the present scenario, the dynamics of the global economy is changing faster than we can comprehend. These changes and disruptions are effecting the business everywhere so as is your career. More companies are looking for more upskilled professionals to hire in their teams. Given the scenario we’re living in, we get the extra time for ourselves that we couldn’t give to us maintaining a work-life balance. Putting this time in polishing our skills is the way to upgrade our profile. 

The question is how can you upgrade your profile?

The answer to this question is only a click away from you. You can find relevant, structured and non-formal courses either free or paid via massive open online courses. Most of the trending courses and certifications that will be a value-added to your profile are Data Analytics, Cloud computing analytics, cybersecurity.

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