Will Work From Home be the new normal post COVID-19?

The novel Coronavirus has changed the dynamics of the way companies function. With the worldwide self-imposed quarantine and lockdown, companies have been forced to implement working remotely as safety measures. It’s been over a month since we have all been working from home. In the beginning, the excitement and energy were immensely high in us. But as the weeks passed by, questions started to arise in our mind. When are we going to go back to the office again? Is work from home going to be there after the lockdown? Will work from home be the new normal in the post-COVID 19 situation?

The speed at which individuals and organizations have had to adapt to working from home has left them grappling. They have to find ways of making sure businesses continue with the least disruption, safely and securely.

“In times of despair, dire necessity is stronger than anything.”

The need of the hour
With the increased pressure and focus on the continuity of the business amidst the pandemic, companies are required to think in both short term and long term perspectives to continue functioning. The global work from home scenario set forth by the coronavirus pandemic has changed the long-carried misconception about remote work. Where once, meeting in person was considered the only way to get work done, this has changed to meeting over Zoom Video calls, Teams calls and Skype calls.

Having said that, working from homes come with its unparalleled challenges – of collaboration, of connectivity, of security – and organizations have to think of ways to address these concerns to be able to adapt efficiently.

Solving the challenges
In a circumstance like this where the majority of the workforce is logging in from home, impose a risk to sensitive information. Home networks are vulnerable to cybercriminals. Hence, network and device security have become one of the key concerns for companies. But Cloud Computing providers such as AWS, Microsoft AZURE and others are being the saviour of the day. Cloud Technologies and servers enable secure and rapid implementation and access to everyone, saving the day.

Managing & leading a virtual team
The month-long lockdown and working from experience have changed the way we have worked in the past and will undoubtedly change the way we’ll function and manage in the future. Working from home for such a prolonged period is a distinct break from the traditional norm. So it becomes important to establish new processes and ways of working. The virtual teams will need more nurturing, along with clarification of roles and responsibilities. Further, the clarification must be expanded to what’s expected of the team members, how decisions will be made, how communication will work, how progress will be tracked, and so on.

How the future looks
While businesses are showing flexibility and accommodating to the new normal. Risk management plans for organisations will get reviewed, security protocols and infrastructure will be updated to provide mobility and flexibility to address any such situations that may arise in the future. Moreover, a digital transformation will take place and technologies like Cloud Computing, AI and others will play an important role in shaping the global economy now more than ever.

With remote working platforms seeing an enormous spike in demand, this period is catering as a reckoning for work from home in general and may lead to spur on the digital transformation out of dire necessity. Many companies are planning to make flexible work from home models a more perpetual part of their workforce-management strategies after COVID-19 subsides.

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