HR Generalist: All You Need To Know in 4 Simple Points


HR Generalist is one of the most common jobs opted by youngsters nowadays but what does an HR Generalist do? Every company has a slightly different set of responsibilities assigned to an HR Generalist. In this article, we will discuss and understand their job.

An HR Generalist works with the HR department of any company. They have a range of responsibilities to perform and control all functions connected to an employee. To define HR Generalist, you must know they are attentive, polite, and have a good reflex to act as a medium between managers, other employees, and executives to have a good employee engagement.

When you opt for a digital HR course, you will get practical experience in HR analytics and how to collect data from your employees.

Let us try to understand some essential topics that help us understand how to become an HR Generalist.

  1. What Is The HR Generalist Job Description
  2. What Are The Hr Generalist Roles And Responsibilities
  3. Some Popular HR Jargons
  4. HR Generalist V/s HR Specialist

1. What Is The HR Generalist Job Description

An HR Generalist Job Description will include the following things:

● You have to work with staffing logistics and take control of the recruiting process in a company.

● The job also includes training new employees and taking care of the employee’s personal and professional development.

● A few other things that an HR Generalist takes care of its employee’s welfare, health, and counseling. They are also involved in preparing policy documents and handbooks for new employees.

● The human resources generalist works closely with the performance management department and tracks business employees’ performance.

2. What Are The Hr Generalist Roles And Responsibilities

In this section, let’s dig a little deep into the HR Generalist responsibilities in a company.

● HR is responsible for finding new employees for a company when a job position is empty. They carry out the recruitment and selection process. After the selection, they also organize orientation programs to get them acquainted with the company’s policies and how it works.

● They also closely work for framing company policies.

● They work with external clients to benefit the company.

● HR Generalist responsibilities include processing final salary settlements when an employee leaves the company, determining retirement benefits, and hosting exit interviews.

Every department has its own jargon set, which only that particular set of people will understand. In this list, we will learn some of the popular HR Jargons used by the HR employees:

● KPIs

KPI is Key Performance Indicators. We can also refer to it as Key Result Areas. It is a set of parameters or objectives that are set by the company. An HR Generalist keeps a check on their employees whether they are living up to those objectives or not. The KPI results then get presented in annual review meetings, significant for the employees and their growth in the company.

● Talent Management

HR is responsible for selecting the best employees for the company. They have to make sure they are highly skilled and relevant to a job description. It also includes encouraging productivity and attracting, inspiring, and retaining the best employees for the company.

● Gross Misconduct

The term itself is pretty self–explanatory. If you perform any unacceptable action, then it will lead to your immediate firing. Gross misconduct gets determined in the company policy that is different in different companies. Companies today have policies for disciplinary matters, misconduct, harassment, etc.

● Talent Life Cycle

Every employee in a company has a talent life cycle. The HR Generalist duties will include tracking the life cycle of an employee in the company. Thus, the HR Generalist preserves the track record from their first interview to their exit interview.

● Assessment Centres

It is the co-curricular part of a company. HR Generalist duties will include testing the aptitude and other skills of an employee. An assessment like simulation exercises, aptitude tests, role play, and many other activities is conducted, which helps in training, development, promotion, and employee selection. External experts evaluate them and complete these activities.

4. HR Generalist V/s HR Specialist

So, now you have got a pretty good idea about what is an HR Generalist and the essential HR Generalist duties. If you are an HR Specialist, then you will know all the responsibilities of an HR Generalist. Big companies use the term specialization as each of them handles a specific area. It allows the company to train its employees well.

HR Specialists specialize in the particular stream of human resources, they know a lot about it, but they don’t have that knowledge for the latter. Small companies don’t have access to such specialization resources. Hence, they hire HR Generalists.


In this article, we answered questions like – What is the HR Generalist meaning? What is HR Generalist role? – and a lot more. An HR Generalist’s average salary ranged from $64,000 to $65,000 in the US in May 2016.

According to Glassdoor stats of 2017, the average salary of HR Generalists was around the same. In a company, HR is the first team that gets created.

After the HR department is formed, a company goes ahead with the rest of the departments’ hiring process. Human resources jobs and roles have been prevalent in the market for a very long time. Many individuals do a short course in this stream and secure a safe and good job in any company. Jigsaw Academy’s People Analytics & Digital HR program enables you to enhance your workforce management skills for a future-ready workforce. Moreover, this 3-month online course provides joint certification from IIM Indore and Jigsaw Academy.

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