5 Innovative IoT Solutions You Haven’t Heard of

Connected cars, driverless cars, smart homes, smart wearables, smart televisions, smart cities, you would probably feel you’ve seen them all. But that’s the beauty of the Internet of Things. It can be applied to any device to make it smart and convenient. Of all the articles that pour into your newsfeed on major IoT developments and devices, this article is dedicated to lesser-known IoT innovations, you haven’t probably heard of. Find out how many you know!

Smart Locks

IoT is paving the way for you to forget conventional keys and the hassles that come with them. Forgetting where you kept them or losing them out on your way back home, these would be instances of the past where all you need is just the smartphone to unlock your lock. If you’ve been to a few Hilton hotels, the rooms are already replaced with smart locks where guests can use their smartphones to check in or enter their rooms. Very recently, Amazon also went a step ahead and came up with a Key system, that allows you to give permission for an Amazon delivery guy to enter your home to deliver goods when you’re not at home. An interesting video is shared here.

Smart Home Manager

Smart homes are in but not the expenses at which they come. With every appliance connected to the internet, the amount of energy consumed shoots high and that’s where these smart home managers come into the picture. They can help detect devices that are running unnecessarily and turn them off. These devices can also offer you real-time information on your home’s energy consumption and help you save up to 30% of your bill.

Smart Helmets

From Skully, these connected helmets prevent you from taking your helmet out every single time you feel you are lost and have to refer to the GPS for navigation. These helmets are connected to a GPS and a rearview camera allowing you to simply keep riding without having to halt, check for the route, wear your helmets again and leave. When you’re going for long rides, this saves you from a lot of hassles.

Smart Gardening

Yes, this technology exists. With this cool IoT technology, you can actually control germination and the growth of your plants. The infrastructure from Niva also fosters the perfect conditions for plant growth and monitors the water levels of plants. This intelligent system ensures you harvest some of the healthiest and tastiest home-grown fruits and vegetables.

Smart Kitchen from LG

If managing the kitchen is a hassle, LG seems to have an ideal solution. With its range of connected devices like refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, juicers and more, you can manage your kitchen from wherever you are. You can schedule wash timings, turn off an appliance from the remote, check the status of your bake, notifications on dishwashing statuses and more. This technology is also designed to save on energy expenses. Pretty cool use of IoT eh?

Apart from these, there are also smart breweries, smart chimneys, smart beds and more. IoT is indeed offering convenience with its sensors and cloud architecture. What is your take on this?

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