Future Of IOT: 15 Awesome Applications


Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world has become an important aspect of the progressive world. The internet in hand with the emerging technologies play a vital role in this process. The internet is the common force that connects all technological devices in the current day and age. Any physical device that can be connected to the internet and be used to share and collect data can be termed under the ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’. The future of IoT lies in the possibility to transform something as small as a chip or even an entire city into a working IoT device.  

The Internet is not just about computers and laptops anymore. It has become an essential part of our everyday activities. From something as basic as small toys to being applied for a larger part of your house everything can be converted into an application of the net. And, hence the scope and progress of the future developments of IoT are limitless. With regard to IoT and its spearheaded future, reports by statista.com state that it will likely connect more than 50 million devices by the year 2030.  

If the current scenario of IoT is emerging as human’s greatest innovation, we wondered what the future would hold for the same! Looking deeper into the possible applications of IoT, we found many models that will use technology and the internet to offer us convenient solutions to complex problems. 

To give you a glimpse of what the future has set out for us here are some of the various applications that will be instilled into our lives in the coming future. 

1. Growing 5G

In this new communication system, the 5G aims to connect networks online by providing improved wireless connectivity. 5G has been developed in a unique way enabling it to connect more devices at higher speed with minimal lag. This cellular IoT application is created to benefit consumers at a low cost as well as provide faster speed. With the use of this new application, we will be able to see complete automation in many industries with the help of Smart grids.  5G will evolve to include bigger devices over larger areas in the upcoming years. Connecting smart cities to even wireless vehicular connectivity, this future application of IoT will help the public and private sectors to gain optimal benefits. 

2. Gesture Control Armband

This armband is one of the most exciting applications to be invented. A wearable device like no other, the gesture control armband senses muscle activities so that you can control any device connected to the IoT infrastructure just with your motion or gestures. The armband is equipped with electrodes to detect muscle activity and ascertain contraction and relaxation when the hand is in motion. These movements are then redirected to software at the backend that decodes and translates them into commands and executes the action. For instance to stop the music playing through your speakers you just have to move your hand. 

3. Lighting Control

Though a partial version of the technology is already in the market, this differentiates itself in the fact that it integrates lighting control with mesh networking to develop large-scale, reliable, wireless lighting solutions for homes. This application offers convenience and control with simplicity. The sensors embedded can also detect the presence of people and turn off the lights in their absence. By just using any of your smart devices you can control the lighting in any area of the building. The lighting system is designed to save on energy consumption in both residential and commercial establishments. 

4. Smart Glass

This application proves that IoT technology need not always be directed towards something massive or global but can be something as minute as personal care. For those of us who don’t consume an adequate amount of water on a daily basis, these glasses can act as our reminder. The glass monitors your water consumption and frequently reminds you to have water. It rings an alarm or a reminder to drink water. Keeping track of your water intake ensures you never forget to stay hydrated.  Besides, it can sense the prevailing temperatures and maintain appropriate temperatures of the water. Once you sync the device to your smartphone, you are good to go.

5. Tier Air Pressure Detection

This is one of the most unique applications of IoT, wherein the technology can detect the air pressure in your car tires and give you information regarding their condition. In this technology, the sensors are embedded on the tiers which detect drops in air pressures and immediately send out signals to take appropriate actions. In this new invention, the air compressors are connected to a mobile system that can be monitored regularly. This new advancement will transform air compressors from manual to fully automated. This technology is built with the intention to foster safer driving conditions, where most people can be warned of deflated tires.

6. Smart Eye

Known as a crucial stepping stone to the future of IoT, the smart eye technology is very similar to Google’s most ambitious project – the Glass. This technology is equipped with sensors and connectivity options from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth to provide numerous choices and accessibility features right in front of your eye but without causing a distraction. You can open maps, read emails or messages, surf the internet, capture moments and do more with these futuristic glasses.

7. Pulse Oximeter

If you have trekked to high-altitude mountains, you would know what pulse oximeters are. These are small devices that your guides use to measure oxygen levels whenever a significant altitude is reached. The results show whether you are fit to ascend or if you need to stay back at an altitude.  Well nowadays, even the COVID has ensured that we are quite equipped with the knowledge of a pulse oximeter. With IoT, this device becomes smarter and notifies your doctor over the cloud on oxygen delivery options without you having to visit a clinic. This could be the most appropriate system invented for preventive measures against several chronic ailments.

8. Smart Farming

Technology that doesn’t serve basic needs or provide solutions to grass-root level concerns is futile. Arriving as an ideal solution to certain growing concerns in agriculture is smart farming, where the application of IoT devices and its ecosystem will enable farmers to know more information about their crops’ yields, an infestation of pests, soil nutrition, rainfall, and more for them to take any corrective or preventive measures.

According to reports by iotsworldcongress.com, the global smart agriculture market size is expected to triple by 2025, reaching $15.3 billion. Smart farming also gives them ideas on modified farming techniques according to prevailing conditions to make the best harvest. Though this technology is a game-changer, we need to work more on implementing it at the right places and educating farmers about the same.

9. Smart Cities

Smart cities have become a new craze worldwide for future developments in the urban and technological sectors. According to the reports by investmentbank.barclays in the future of IoT, Smart Cities have the potential to generate $20 trillion in economic benefits by 2026. The method of using different types of electronic techniques and sensors to collect data in urban areas will benefit by providing cities with service efficiency and a method of systematically managing resources and assets. From monitoring weather and conservation of water to assisting in self-care and even traffic management, smart cities are the future of the adoption of technology with the internet embedded in every walk of life.

10. Audio Bridge

Imagine wanting to listen to music but not being able to because the speakers are in another room. Providing us with just the solution required is the Audio Bridge. Commonly referred to as the wireless HiFi system it connects wireless speakers to the audio bridge. This home automation system is also capable of playing the same song in every room and even different songs in each room. This can be controlled by any digital device from your phone to your smartwatch. It also brings in simplicity as you can play music sitting in any area of your house. 

11. Robotics

Robots have gone from being simply a piece of fiction to actual reality. They have become a key aspect of operations in the future of IoT.  From production to productivity, robots can help increase efficiency and bring ease to the world. Increasing its potential in the domain of Machine Learning will assist in accumulating huge sums of data and processing the same. From helping in production in manufacturing sites to something as small as monitoring traffic, this application will enhance future activities to their optimal use. This dynamic force can revolutionize the world and bring in a higher rate of productivity. IoT will play a key role in monitoring and controlling these robots. 

12. Automotive Applications

Being one of the biggest industries in the world, keeping up with technology has become an impertinent need for the automobile sector. The requirement of futuristic vehicles has become a high demand for buyers. From hands-free driving to in-vehicle infotainment, the future of IoT in the automotive industry is already here but growing slowly. These applications permit cars to be connected and monitored from an external device. Driverless cars and fleet management are some of the most popular future programs. 

13. Smart-air

Although, in its developing phase, this device helps in understanding indoor air quality. The Smart-Air device consists of a laser dust sensor, a carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor, and a temperature-humidity sensor. This indoor air quality monitoring system will be assisted by IoT and cloud computing. Tracking and delivering the data to the monitoring system which in turn will issue an alert when the quality of the air indoors is low. This application can easily be connected to other smart home devices and be controlled using voice commands.

14. Healthcare Applications

The future of IoT will assist in enhancing better control of medical parameters. With the help of 5G, AI, and sensors it will be easy for medical professionals to monitor patients’ activities and vitals. ‘Smart Glucose monitoring system’ and ‘Smart Insulin Pens’ will also help as they will transfer the vitals of the patient automatically onto a monitoring system. This will be a guiding aid especially with the case of insulin. Based on the data-driven from the patient, the pen will be able to analyze the amount of insulin required to be injected. 

15. Home automation

A smart home is indeed one of the most riveting applications of the future of IoT. Slowly this has become a very appealing idea for safety, security, and leisure purposes. Like how you can open your mobile phone with face recognition, soon you will be able to open your doors merely by showing your face. Other than doors, windows, and thermal interception another interesting feature is controlling the gardens. In the future, IoT sensors will assist in understanding the soil condition and triggering the irrigation system accordingly.

Be it the Government or even companies, the demand for IoT applications has become infinite. Being a value addition to the world, IoT is slowly taking control of our everyday practices. This will only refine the living conditions and bring efficiency. The future of IoT is almost here.


All things considered, IoT has emerged as one of the most lucrative emerging technologies. The advancements in the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning industries have made the automation of IoT very simple. In the coming years, it will be a crucial contributing factor in the enhancement of all industries, be it healthcare or manufacturing. It will also be an essential program to facilitate proper disaster management techniques. Apart from this, IoT will also build a shield through the internet to keep cyberspace safe and secure. Hence, establishing itself as an important factor for advancement in the world. 

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