Are IoT & Drones Revolutionizing Digital Enterprise?

It’s bit of a cliché to say that this is the digital age. To be precise, we’re moving from the digital age to what we can call the smart age. With the evolution of technology, the gadget it offers, and the internet, we’re now shifting to a phase where everything around us is becoming smart. Just look at the gadgets you use and you’ll realize how far we’ve come.

From smartwatches, smart televisions, smart health gears and smartphones to smart homes, we even have smart factories today. All these combinedly are revolutionizing the digital enterprise. The cluster of devices connected together makes up an ecosystem of devices called the Internet of Things.

The connected devices observe and collect user-generated data and then transmit them to servers, where they are processed by skilled data scientists for crucial insights. The insights derived are then worked on to offer better and more personalized services to customers. Have you ever noticed that as you keep using e-commerce apps like Amazon and Flipkart from your phone, your shopping experience gets better and more convenient? That’s IoT on the job for you!

Moreover, with the digital space taking over the conventional market, it’s also becoming difficult for brick and mortar stores to keep up with the internet trends and be at par with the e-commerce experience. While the conventional stores also get visitors, most of the potential customers come with the mindset of checking out their preferred products and shop for them at better deals with their favorite shopping websites.

If you didn’t know, Amazon is also revolutionizing the conventional stores by introducing the Amazon Go. The concept store is a blend of e-commerce and brick and mortar shopping experience, where you will just step into the store by getting your Amazon account scanned when you enter and shop for your preferred products. The sensors and other devices in the store then detect what you pick up and add them to your cart. They even detect if you’ve placed the product back and remove the item from your cart automatically. They are also slated to give you personalized suggestions and once you’re done shopping, you are free to leave the store as the money gets deducted from your Amazon account.

If that’s not a revolution, what is? The same tech mammoth was also in the news for using drones to deliver goods to customers. The IoT is here to make our lives better. Another simple example of IoT at work is your Google application on your smartphone. When you book a movie or an event ticket online, you receive an email copy of it. The email has the date and time of the event that gets synced to your Google Calendar. Exactly an hour or two before the event, Google sends you a reminder of the event and asking you to leave, showing you the traffic estimates. Though you didn’t opt for it, Google works on making your life convenient.

From an instance as simple as that to those where automated robots and artificial intelligence-driven systems operate machines in factories, IoT is indeed revolutionizing the digital enterprise and in-turn our lifestyle. There are smart breweries and a range of other products that function at various levels to make the world a better place. And the sweet part is, some of the best things are yet to come!

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