IoT: The Best Thing to Happen to Programmers

Internet of Things, or IoT as it is called, has been generating immense buzz around the idea of smart and connected devices. The technology and products working on IoT have been in the pipeline for a few years and now they’ve gone from the drawing board to the store shelves. As we already know, IoT is a network of things, things as mundane as household gadgets and warehouses inventory to vehicles and bots. The aim of IoT is to seamlessly integrate and run multiple devices without much human intervention.

Just like any other technological revolution in the past century, software programmes and coding play a huge role in building and sustaining this ecosystem. No wonder that developers and coders are looking at IoT to stretch their creative muscles and build products and services that cater to this new age technology.


Information technology as a sector for far too long has enjoyed being the king of the hill with every breakthrough involving some level of IT input and infrastructure to facilitate the optimal output. The IT services sector is one the biggest revenue generating machines but the wheels haven’t been spinning as fast in the past few years.

Spending on IT has reduced due to the global economic slowdown and the moolah hasn’t been flowing in leaps and bounds, as was the case before. With automation taking the centre stage, reports have time and again indicated how automation will cut down on the amount of personnel needed at multinational software agencies.

As has been said to IT professionals in the last 5 years, upskill or perish. The next thing for developers and coders to feast on would be IoT. The adoption and market size for IoT products and services is booming, with the global market for IoT developers will need 4.5 million such people by 2020. IoT Developers, IoT Architects, and IoT Software Engineers will be hot property in the coming years, and if there ever was time to ride the wave of a worldwide tech revolution, this is it.


The IoT systems involve a lot of backend coding and system maintenance that must be carried out to keep a log of the devices involved. The whole ecosystem is built around software and developers and coders will be at the centre of it. Seeing how the IT industry sees sharp falls every couple of years, it bodes well that software professionals upskill to a technology that is the future and will not see a dip for the foreseeable future.

IoT would be the perfect transition to make for developers and coders as the work involved falls right in their backyard. The industry is prospering, the growth potential for the market is in billions of dollars, and there is going to be a large scale hiring for IoT roles.

The possibilities for IoT, modestly put, are endless and there is no guessing how big it is going to get.  Isn’t this more than enough reason to look at what IoT has to offer?

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