Is IoT Worth the Hype?

Sometimes, it feels all too cluttered right? It’s like technology is offering us convenience more than we deserve and that it is becoming too futuristic for the current scenario. However, all these are thoughts that would vanish when you get to experience the power of technology first hand. Connected devices like smart homes, cars and more are designed to offer optimum safety and security and take care of our paranoia on them. When you’ve forgotten to turn off your television once you leave your house, the very comfort of turning it off from remote is what gives you peace of mind. As much futuristic as these devices may sound, the convenience and safety they offer are unparalleled.

Besides, this is the time where IoT is influencing everything it touches. You probably get to hear about this technology at least five times from your colleagues, on blog posts, advertisements, news and updates and more. Sometimes, you also get to read posts on LinkedIn from experts, who claim of employment doomsday and that all the current job skills that you posses would be obsolete.

Did they turn out to be true?

Yes, they did!

If you remember, 2016 started off on a rather depressing note for the Indian IT employees, where some of the biggest tech companies thousands of employees in a day to cut down on expenses and on the context of redundant skill sets. It is simple. When a simple program can take care of what you do, you are no longer needed. That doesn’t mean you are incompetent. It means you are less updated. You need to reskill to what is trending to stay on track and move to better rewarding career paths. Automation is not depriving people of their jobs but is creating new roles. If you cannot see it, the fault is with you.

All these posts and news on IoT could also make you question on the hype its generating. But is IoT really worth the hype?


Again, a big yes! With this technology, we are moving more towards a data-centric world, where all actions and behaviors are tracked and sent back to us in terms of convenience and safety. From Mars rovers to driverless cars, IoT is making an impact in fields probably you did not hear of. Banking and healthcare are two such fields, where IoT is bringing about significant changes. If you didn’t know, there are IoT-based devices or trackers that can completely eliminate counterfeit medicines from entering the market. Today, with the development of ecommerce, we are hardly aware of the legitimacy of medicines and healthcare products and IoT can ensure our every single purchase is legitimate.

If you pause what you’re doing and look around you, you can see IoT in action everywhere. From the smartwatch you are wearing to the smart television you get back to in the evening, IoT is everywhere. On an industrial scale, IoT is impacting agriculture and offering better crop yields, it is making cities smarter and even power grids are getting equipped with sensors and devices for optimized performances. If you think, IoT is not a hype anymore but a reality that is touching you, touching me and everything around both of us. For more comprehensive insights, we recommend this TED talk on IoT.

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