Is IoT the Right Job for You?

Your health gear, smart watch, the Google glass prototype (if you have one), your smartphone and your television set-top box connected to your home Wi-Fi are all some of the simplest examples of connected devices. Every minute and every day, tons of data are sent and received to servers and each is processed and analyzed for crucial insights. Have you ever noticed that the Siri in your iPhone actually gives better responses as you keep using it over time? A typical example of machine learning!

If you take a closer look, data is everywhere around us. We consume and generate data every single second and for every byte of data produced, there’s a data scientist at the other end, working on probable insights. And today, the world has over 6 billion devices connected to the internet. The Internet of Things is evolving at a rapid rate that it has found its application in breweries.

What’s more fascinating is our very own tea chain – Chai Point – uses IoT for supply-chain and other processes. With the world embracing IoT comprehensively today, tons of opportunities are on for IoT experts and developers. The more niche your specialization in IoT, the more valuable your job role is.

Not convinced? Take a look at this video:

Analytics and IoT experts in this video talk about the opportunities in IoT and also about the critical roles specific to the domain.

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