IoT Trends to Look Out For

If 2016 was prolific for the Internet of Things (IoT), 2017 appears to be more promising and disruptive. While smart homes and self-driving cars witnessed a traction in the IoT ecosystem in 2016, this year will have more niche, industry-specific developments, making the technology more air-tight, reliable and evolved. As a heads up, we are yet to witness the bigger impacts of the internet of things in the coming months and years, and all that we can say for now is they’re going to be massive and revolutionary.

On the technical side, Ovum – a top consulting and market-research firm – and the Internet of Things World have compiled a list of IoT trends to watch out for this year. According to their research, the progress will be on the rise of LPWA (Low Power Wide Area Network – further specifically, the NB-IoT (Narrowband IoT) and LTE-M (Long Term Evolution for Machines). Together, these devices will pave way for cost-effective and low-bandwidth IoT devices with longer battery life.

Besides, IoT security will be on the radar for IoT vendors and service providers apart from diversification in IoT products. The coming months is also predicted to witness the development and innovation of new tools to stream or feed data to AI applications and machine learning engines.

Industry-Specific IoT Trends


Though wearables like the Google Glass, fitbits and smartwatches have already made their ways into the market, what will stun this year is the niche application of IoT in wearable-tech. This will include smart fitness clothing, smart running shoes, medical alert watches and more. Also, with a hoax surfacing about a wearable contact lens (from Sony), capable of recording moments for later viewing (sounds like Black Mirror?), 2017 sure can be a game-changing year.

IoT and Retail/Shopping

If you haven’t seen the cool commercial of Amazon Go yet, watch it first here. Imagine walking into a store, picking up products of your choice and just walking out casually. That’s what’s coming up this year. The trend is also predicted to feature smart warehouses, which will allow you to shop exactly for what you want, without wasting time on scrolling through other products. Besides, virtual reality is also expected to seep in to online shopping.

Smart Music

While we’re already familiar with predictive music, what will be remarkable this year is smart music. For instance, take a look at this quick video by Prizm, a smart product that claims to be the music brain. The device’s USP lies in its ability to sense people and the mood inside a room and play music accordingly. Besides, its precision gets better every day and as it evolves, it can just stream music from online channels at the perfect moment. We believe, this is a kickstart to what the year can offer us.

While IoT is also predicted to touch the fashion industry with interactive fabrics and communicating threads, it won’t be soon that we will get to read or hear about it. So far, these are the top trends in IoT predicted for the year 2017. Let’s just wait and watch as to how these device further bridge the gap between now and the future and add more convenience to our current lifestyle.


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