Why You Should Do the IoT Course?

In a world which is moving towards an increasingly connected future, Internet of Things (IoT) is the next big thing. Right from our homes to our cars to our cities, everything is being connected and the technology of IoT is right in the middle of it.

In the endeavour to connect our training with all things data, Jigsaw Academy has built India’s most extensive and comprehensive IoT course to date.

Pranav Sharma is a student of ours who is pursuing our IoT certification and has shared his learning experience with us:

“I developed interest in IOT through the digital transformation taking place in many companies. Everywhere we see people taking about smart devices. I decided to see if any course is available for IOT and my search ended at Jigsaw academy.

I first took the free course which showed me the future prospects of IOT and that led me to taking up the learning course in IOT. I guess joining Jigsaw was the right decision. I have completed my first module with Arduino and I’m pretty happy with the course.

The content is very well prepared. all basics are covered like the hardware, C language, networking etc and sufficient explanation is provided on new concepts.

The exercises during the course are excellent and let you play with the hardware making learning even more easy. You can play around with hardware and code.

Hardware kit is very good and delivered on time. Quality is good. Got to learn lot of new things. Support team is prompt and responsive. Tickets are resolved in quick time.”

You can read his original review here.

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