Time Series Forecasting – An Interesting Overview(2021)


Time series forecasting is a method for the expectation of occasions through a sequence of time. The time series forecasting method is utilized across numerous fields of study, from geography to conduct to financial matters. The method anticipates future occasions by breaking down the patterns of the past, with the understanding that future patterns will hold like authentic patterns.

The uses of time series are:

  • Control engineering
  • Signal processing
  • Pattern recognition
  • Econometrics
  • Mathematical finance
  • Statistics
  • Astronomy
  • Earthquake prediction
  • Weather forecasting

This article contains:

  1. Time Series
  2. Describing vs. Predicting
  3. Components of Time Series
  4. Concerns of Forecasting

1) Time Series

A time series is a sequence of mathematical data that focuses on the progressive request. In contributing, a time series tracks the development of the picked data objects, like a security’s cost, throughout a predefined timeframe with data objects recorded at normal spans. There is no maximum or minimum extreme measure of time that should be incorporated, permitting the data to be accumulated in a manner that gives the data being looked for by the financial backer or examiner analysing the action.

Time-series methods are:

  1. Moving Average
  2. Autoregression
  3. Vector Autoregression
  4. Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average
  5. Autoregressive Moving Average

Time-series models are:

  1. Regression
  2. Python
  3. R
  4. Data Analysis
  5. Deep Learning

Time series forecasting is in some cases simply the examination of specialists contemplating a field and offering their expectations. In numerous advanced applications, be that as it may, time series forecasting utilizes computer advances, including: 

  1. Hidden Markov models
  2. Gaussian processes
  3. Fuzzy logic
  4. Support vector machines
  5. Artificial neural networks
  6. Machine learning

2) Describing vs. Predicting

Understanding a dataset, named as time series analysis can assist with improving time series prediction, yet isn’t needed and can bring about an enormous specialized interest as expected and mastery not straightforwardly lined up with the ideal result, which is determining what’s to come.

In time series analysis or descriptive modelling, a time series is displayed to decide its segments as far as related to external factors, trends, seasonal patterns, and so on. Conversely, time series forecasting utilizes the data in a time series to figure future estimations of that series.

Time series analysis is a statistical procedure that manages trend analysis or time-series data. Time series data implies that data is in a progression of specific time intervals or periods. The data is considered in 3 kinds:

  1. Pooled data.
  2. Cross-sectional data.
  3. Time series data.

The importance of time series analysis is that its examination of causes and conditions prevailing during the event of past changes, assessment of future patterns dependent on the analysis of past patterns, patterns of exchange cycles, and relative examination with the other time series.

Time series data is a compilation of perceptions got through rehashed estimations after some time. Plot the details on a chart, and one of your axes would consistently be time. It is all over the place since time is a constituent of all that is detectable. 

The difference between prediction and forecasting is that a prediction is a real demonstration of showing that something will occur later on with or without earlier data, on the other hand, forecast alludes to estimation or a calculation that utilizes data from past occasions, joined with late patterns to come up a future occasion result. 

Forecast vs. prediction in short is that all predictions are not forecasts but all forecasts are predictions.

3) Components of Time Series

The different reasons or the powers which influence the estimations of perception in a time series are the components of a time series. The 4 classifications of the components of the time series are: 

  1. Random or Irregular movements.
  2. Cyclic Variations.
  3. Seasonal Variations.
  4. Trend.

4) Concerns of Forecasting

When forecasting, it is imperative to comprehend your objective. 

Utilize the Socratic method and pose loads of inquiries to help focus on the points of interest of your predictive modelling issue. Forecasting example:

  1. What amount of information do you have accessible and would you say you are ready to assemble everything?
  2. At what transient recurrence are forecasts required?
  3. Can forecasts be refreshed much of the time over the long run or should they be made once and stay static?
  4. What is the time skyline of predictions that are required?

LSTM for time series forecasting is separated into six sections; they are:

  1. ConvLSTM
  3. Bidirectional LSTM
  4. Stacked LSTM
  5. Vanilla LSTM
  6. Data Preparation

The types of time series forecasting model are:

  1. The Delphi method.
  2. Judgmental forecasting model.
  3. Econometric model.
  4. Time series model.
  • Examples of Time Series Forecasting

The time series forecasting example are:

  1. Forecasting the end cost of stock every day.
  2. Forecasting item deals in units sold every day for a store.
  3. Forecasting joblessness for an express each quarter.
  4. Forecasting the normal cost of fuel in a city every day.
  5. Forecasting usage demand on a server every hour.


Time series forecasting begins with an authentic time series. Experts analyze the verifiable data and check for four examples of time deterioration, like regularity, cyclic patterns, seasonal patterns and trends.

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