MBAs Don’t Get Complacent- Get Data Analytics Skills Now to Ensure Faster Growth

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“The real business successes, I believe, will come from those folks who embrace data, not as a static asset such as a report or dashboard, but rather as an enabler of an exploratory journey into the information unknown.”

Nick Choat, Former Vice President, Big Data Analytics and Digital Advertising Technology, Walt Disney Company

Let’s meet Neil. He got his MBA from a well recognized institute a few years back. He got placed with a leading multinational even before he graduated. He is smart, has a keen business sense and a great work ethic. He was confident he had everything going for him and had no doubts that his career would take off and that he would get rewarded with added responsibilities faster than his colleagues. However the years flew and his initial euphoria slowly ebbed. He found that he wasn’t climbing the ranks as fast as he had anticipated. Others, who had joined after him, were the ones leading projects and getting pay hikes. Surprisingly, many of them did not even have an MBA.

He sat down to analyse why this was happening and found that those who were getting the promotions were those with data analytics skills. It all made sense then. After all, much of their strategy was directed towards using data effectively and those who could use data to provide insights that assisted senior leadership in making decisions, were the ones with the edge.

Find out more about how managers use Data to bring value to the organization

There is a lesson here for all you doing your MBA, or even those with an MBA already established in secure jobs. Don’t be complacent. Today the whole industry, whichever sector you are in, is fast getting Datafied. What this means is that companies big and small, have realised the importance of data and know that data can give them answers that will help their business grow. As a result they have begun to inculcate a data driven culture within the organization and have begun to use their data to make better business decisions. Consequently they expect their managers to be data savvy. If you don’t have the skills to understand and interpret data, you cannot effectively contribute and add value to your role and as such you will find yourself stagnating.

The good news for those of you like Neil, is that it is not hard to go out and pick up the data analytics skills that are in demand. There are several institutes that are offering post graduate programs in analytics, both distance and full time. But if you already have an MBA or are getting one, it would make better sense to enrol in a short duration distance or online analytics course that gives you the skills you need to get back your edge in the workplace. Neil did just that and today he has been promoted and is leading data initiatives in his company.

Data is what drives business today. Don’t get complacent and rely on just the skills your MBA gave you. Get hands on data analytics skills. Reinvent your career and you will find yourself ready to tackle this data driven culture that has taken over businesses.

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