From Aspirant To Product Owner – Everyone Has Something To Learn From This IIM Indore Product Management Program!

Product Management is a crucial role that combines business, technology, and user experience to create a successful product. The role of a Product manager is to bring the product to the market by identifying customer needs, defining product vision and strategy, and collaborating with cross-functional teams to build and launch the product. The Product Management program offered by IIM Indore is one of the most comprehensive and well-structured programs in the country. In this blog, we will take a look at the learner experience of the Product Management program from IIM Indore. 

“I choose the PGCP PM program as I was fascinated by the course curriculum, the BYOP, and the 5i framework,” says our learner Sagar Zilpe (Senior Consultant – GRC FedRAMP Senior Consultant Confidential). The Build Your Own Product (BYOP) process is one of the most important aspects of the program. It allows learners to apply the concepts they have learned in a real-world scenario. The 5i framework helps learners to develop a complete understanding of the product lifecycle. 

Talking about how his entire journey started, Sagar says “The onboarding process was as easy as ordering food from an app. I spoke to the sales guys, then had a couple of interviews, received a scholarship, and joined the program smoothly after submitting all the necessary documents.” 

“The faculty is the best investment for the program. They know their domain. They are subject matter experts and are brilliant. I got exposed to multiple kinds of products and realized anything and everything can be a product.”, explains Sagar. Divulging further about how the course, curriculum, and the program pedagogy is, he says “The program along with 5I framework, product designs, etc., also talks about pre-sales and post-sales which are extremely important to make a product successful.”  

Providing a piece of advice to aspiring Product Managers, Sagar says,”If you are a product owner already or an aspiring one, then this program is the best refresher or an initial learning phase based on your experience. I would absolutely recommend this program to any product management aspirant. However, they need to be able to invest time and be ready to learn and unlearn anything and everything in the department.” concluded the learner.  

The Product Management program from IIM Indore provides learners with a comprehensive understanding of this exclusive domain, including the product lifecycle, pre-sales, and post-sales activities, and the opportunity to apply the concepts. See the full video below to understand in detail Sagar Zilpe’s journey with us –  

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