Here Is How Jolly Aced Motherhood and Business Analytics Like a Pro!

An empowered, enthusiastic, ambitious visionary who mastered the art of perfectly taking care of her toddler and successfully operating on data, Jolly Masih is an Associate Professor at the prestigious Symbiosis University of Applied Sciences. As driven and focused as she was, to not let the essential health break affect her career path, Jolly was a whole 9-month pregnant when she gave her interview for the IPBA course. 

Speaking about the same, Jolly says” My journey of learning Business Analytics began along with my journey of motherhood. Having given my interview when I was 9-month pregnant. I had taken a career break of 6-months and wanted to get back on my feet. The entire team was super supportive of me and my decisions.” 

Describing her learning journey, Jolly explains, “The course, it’s practical syllabus were all very challenging. But I am quite grateful for the IIM faculty and the UNext team for their immense support.” 

Further elaborating as to why she choose our unique program and how it helped her acquire new skills and achieve new milestones in her career, Jolly says, “The whole concept of Python was very new to me. Although I have had some experience with ‘R’ programming and big data analytics, I had no hands-on experience with python programming. Thanks to the curriculum, I can confidently take up any business program and run Python on it successfully. As the IPBA course was always ranked as the country’s best executive program I decided to enroll in the same.” 

This is just a glimpse at what Jolly feels about our course, curriculum, and learning structure. Check out the complete video here to know in detail about her learning journey, the new career milestones she achieved with the help of our program, and her future plans as a skilled Business analyst: Link 

The Integrated Program in Business Analytics, designed and delivered by the best minds of IIM Indore is crafted to aid learners to become a complete competent Business Analytics professionals who can solve any and every business problem and obtain ideal solutions. 

Check out the full video here and know all the details of Jolly’s learning journey:

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